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  • Are we having fun?

    With some of the recent bitterness, at least a few of us in Gathering Storm are starting to wonder whether the game is really providing enough fun to be worth the time it consumes. Are we doing it because we enjoy it, or are we just doing it because we've put so much time into it that we hate to abandon the effort we've put in? I'm curious as to whether the "This isn't so much fun anymore" feeling is unique to some of us, or whether it's more widespread.

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    Agreed, I have no problem with GS abdicating and going on to another project. Feel free to abandon all your cities and disband all your units.


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      Honestly, the hundreds of hours invested into the game is THE principal reason still keeping me in it. The amount of 'fun' alone would not be enough - even if sometimes, I really, really enjoy what's going on. But the flamefests in here turn friends into almost enemies, deteriorate personal relations between us... and I have other issues I do not wish to elaborate on here.

      If there was another "crash" like the one we had before, I know I would not be eager to look for the cause and would quite happily move on to something else.

      It's sad to feel so after many months spent with the game... though my reasons would likely be different from the reasons of, say, GS members.


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        This game isn't over yet. Besides, I'm finding what is going on right now positively fascinating and I think we'll all enjoy the ability to share notes and analyze things as friends after the fighting is over and the victor decided.

        I'm really looking forward to that and I think it would be cheapened if the game ended early. Whether my team survives or not, let's play this thing out... there are still PLENTY of interesting things to come, I'm sure.
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          I'm still in. I understand where some of my compatriots are coming from, but at this point at least, I'm staying.

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            Im in as long as there is something to write about. Disturbing as the story might be to all the rest of you...

            Man, by some of the reactions, you'ld think none of you expected such darkness to come out of my mind.
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              but I mostly watch

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                there are still PLENTY of interesting things to come, I'm sure.
                Sure there are.

                Just not for Spain.
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                  Yes, definitely.

                  .... even after getting our butts kicked in a war and having to rebuild.

                  .... even after a lot of 'should haves' and 'could haves'.

                  ....even after some of the discussion threads, which are IMO an integral part of this gaming experience.

                  .... and even carrying the guilt of having axed Lux.

                  Yes, definitely.

                  Game on!
                  Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war .... aw, forget that nonsense. Beer, please.


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                    The answer is no. After being trashed and insulted for months the level of fun reached about 0.15% and is rapidly sinking. There are certainly better things to do in my scarce spare time. Never a new democracy game on Apolyton, ever. Thank God there are other sites in the internet. And I don't mean MZO with that.


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                      considering the lack of say I have, I enjoy things, however the game seems over for our part, but I doubt I'll join anything more soon. in fact I'm leaving and I shan't return! (well, not quite )
                      still got the pythons.

                      actually I'm a little unhappy about internal gamestuff, but thats a team matter...
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                        OOOOO, RP dirt!
                        One who has a surplus of the unorthodox shall attain surpassing victories. - Sun Pin
                        You're wierd. - Krill

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                          Well I'm having fun, dispite staying up way too late last night doing turn stuff

                          I am seeing two different personalities here. There are those who think trash talking/discussion/whatever we do in the public forum is interesting, and those who find it insulting. To the people who find it insulting, well what can I say? If you decide to leave, then go ahead. We do not wish for anything to become a drag to you.

                          From what I see, conflict in the public forum is inevitable. One must either deal with it or get out.
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                            I'm still having fun. Maybe this fun will cease one day. That will be the day you find me gone....
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                              I'm still enjoy it, but actually do understand how the personal attacks can cause a problem and wish they would would stop. It's a game folks, no more no less. Nobody loses their head if they lose and certainly nobody loses their honor. People have done and will do what is in their best interest. With all deals there is a belief by both sides that they are getting what they need or want. sometimes they do, sometimes they don't. I see alliances and deals in this game as being divided into 2 categories.
                              1) The we like each other and want the best for each other deal;then their is the other deal.
                              2) We don't trust each other so lets make a deal that they think is good, but that we know hurts them.
                              In #2 both sides feel the same way and that is where most of the personal attacks come from. What you need to remember is it is like a trade in sports where both sides think they are winning and that they are hurting their partner, the nature of the deal will lead to one side thinking the other betrayed them. But don't get personally upset, that is the nature of these deals. To be honest I think all our actions would almost be identical if put in the same position as the other people.But please stop the personal attacks, I know how they feel. When I was the President in the 1st demogame, I did moves that were common sense, but not technically legal. Some people seemed to take this act personally and attacked me as if i was the embodyment of evil, including many attacks personally. It was wrong to attack me then and it is wrong to attack people personally now, you can attack postions and policies, but not people.
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