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The Trappings of War: Volume X

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  • The Trappings of War: Volume X

    (Lack of game moving does not mean lack of story material)

    The Trappings of War: Volume X
    An UnOrthOdOx view of the Glory of War

    As we hit the beach, Aro sprang from the boat and hit the ground running, off to find himself some parchment and drawing instruments in order to head back out and capture the beauty he had just seen, if only on paper. I, however, had a more permanent capture in mind, and set about training a few of the locals, as I had been, in the ways of utilizing this new material we had received from Legoland. After several tries, they had it figured out, and were soon to work constructing a new boat. I began preparations, ensuring that I would have enough spears for my mighty bow, the ballista, and that I had the strongest rope available in order to haul in my mighty dragon.

    Only when I was satisfied that everything was in order, did I sneak off to locate my family. I found schIsmAtIc playing swords with a number of his friends, already showing great potential at his young age. I sent him off to locate the largest fishing net he could, and then to acquire a cage from the chicken coop. When I was satisfied that he was occupied for a good long time, I slipped off to be alone with my wife for at least a brief time of quiet.

    It was not until dinner that schI returned with the net and cage, and I was grateful for that. "Ok, son, after dinner we will go and see about capturing that raven, ok?" He nodded and rushed off to eat as fast as possible.

    "You still going on about that damn bird, what have you got in mind?" Aro asked.

    "What can you tell me about Aggie?" I answered with a question.

    "Aggie? Never worked with him much, I am told that he has a fondness for falcons and hawks, uses them as scouts and for hunting. Trains 'em to go after chicks and chickens, since most camps carry some along for meat, right?"

    "Very good. So, what can you tell me is wrong with that approach? Seems it is a great advantage, no? Having a scout that can fly? Why, then do not more of our Generals utilize it?" I prodded further.

    "I don't know, I think it would be a good idea, we should bring it up when we go to council." Aro was looking confused as to my line of questioning.

    "Wouldn't that become a little odd?" hEtErOdOx interrupted "I mean, falcons and hawks are not exactly a common sight. Wouldn't people start to question hawks going after nothing but chickens after a while?"

    I could do nothing but smile. "Exactly." It was a pleasant luxury to be married to a woman with a mind to match her beauty.

    "But still, 'dOx, what in the name of all Hells that got to do with your raven? Hawks and falcons are birds of prey, you addled old fool. They naturally hunt down small animals such as chicks, your raven doesn't come natural to that, its nothing but a **** bird! Going around following the military and picking over the dead and dying, rummaging through their trash, what good is that going to do for ya? Hell, just thinking of the damn things makes me want to go back to Legoland and away from 'em! They are **** birds that do nothing but follow death."

    "I'm not entirely sure yet, Aro. We are plagued by too many of them here, and I have seen them steal anything from a chunk of glass to my sons' toy soldier, even an occasional hand tool. What if I was able to train one to bring back something like that upon command? I also find it fitting they match our Empires colors. If nothing else, I think I'll make the Standard for Camulodunum an outline of a raven on a field of black…"

    "There is no way you can train those idiotic pests to do your bidding. The damn things would need to grow a brain first." Aro replied. "But, go ahead, Ill be more than happy to laugh at your attempts, hell, I may even draw a picture just to give me something to laugh at long after you give up on it!"

    As soon as dinner was finished, schI came and was half dragging me in his hurried excitement to go and capture his bird. Aro followed right behind for a laugh as well eager to see me acting like a five-year old fool chasing a bird around the fields. I did not disappoint either. After making several attempts to fling the net over the damn thing, only to have it fly only far enough to stop and caw back at me in a mocking fashion, I sent schI after another net. Between the two of us, we were finally able to corner and capture our raven, and soon had it trapped up in his cage. Not only was schI thrilled at the capture, but upon hearing I planned to train the thing, he soon demanded his own as well. I decided that it was about time he had a bit of responsibility and gave in to his demands on the condition he woke each morning and trained his bird with me in addition to his swordsman and riding training.

    As is common with children, the novelty of this raven being held as a pet soon swept through the town, and it did not take long before nearly every child had one of their own, much to the dismay of their mothers, and I had a full class of 20 eager students to witness the process of training a bird to listen to commands. I myself was a little vague on the idea, having only witnessed such things with passing interest as I had watched Aggie and his men train their falcons in days long since past. However, with surprising patience, the children were eager and willing to take on this long process, and for the days leading up to the building of our boat, they all had willingly done absolutely nothing with their birds, needing to get these ravens all accustomed to the blindfold that would become a large part of their training, and it was with a smile that I promised them all to start the training once I returned from our hunting of the dragon with my newly built boat the following day.
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