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  • Multiplayer woes

    Time for a rant

    I have just realized exactly how difficult it is to play PTW online. For one thing, I must have specific ports open, which requires me to contact my network administrator who laughs at my face and tells me that any institution concerned about security would have any and all of these ports closed.

    My next biggest thing is why did Firaxis make a game, whos biggest selling point was multiplayer, that was so difficult in multiplayer? This makes no sense to me in light that almost all other games that I play have MP working just fine (i.e. Jedi Knight 2, Starcrft, Empire Earth, Warcraft).

    I'm obviously very upset about this situation that and I apologize in advance for people that truly have their MP working.

    Im sure hotseat works great, but since my PTW gaming partner is in Spain, that option is quite impossible

    My last question: What is Firaxis return/return policy?

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    Re: Multiplayer woes

    Originally posted by fattysbox
    Im sure hotseat works great,
    Actually, hotseat has a few bugs of its own that can screw up a game if it is not Loaded from the correct menu (load from the MP one, not the turn screen).

    ...but since my PTW gaming partner is in Spain, that option is quite impossible

    You could try PBEM, though that is SSSSLLLLOOOOWWWW. One evening my son and I were playing in a PBEM game in which all 5 players were on-line (i.e. ready to do their turns as soon as their email came in), and we also ran a concurrent hotseat game to fill in the time between emails. That night we averaged 100 turns of hotseat for every 1 turn of 5-player PBEM!

    Best of luck (but forget the Firaxis refund idea). Cheers, bvc


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      lol.... just because the expansionist trait hasnt been 100% efficient, it doesnt mean that game is over for them since u have 2 traits.... traits although important have what effect: cheaper temple and no anarchy? admittadely thats a good bonus that id like to have but if i dont im far from OVER!..... i just capture 1-2 of your cities and not only am i not at a disadvantage but i have turned the tables... on the other hand if expansionist give me a few free techs and starts me off with 2-3 cities.... i have double to triple your starting capacity and my growth will be exponentially better (3 settlers simultaniously anyone?).... believe me all traits are great a good player(general/conqueror) just needs to know how to exploit their traits to max. efficiency while minimizing the enemies effects.

      oh by the way my fav. arE:
      Militaristic + Religous
      those cheap temples allow my small cities to xpand their borders at start and stop unhapiness(oh this is so badly needed on emperor/deity lvl) and no anarchy is like statue of liberty on civ2!!!
      militaristic is a good solid all era bonus... the veteran units u can build at start because ur barraks cost only 20 shield added to the fact that ur mor elikely to get elite units after are good enough already... but then u get ur first hero and decide against a rush job on wonder because ur playing emperor and every1 has built most good ones, you build your 3-unit army and start conqueriing your ass off, capturing more wonders than u ever dreamed and forcing those darn english who you had to pay . to be at peace with you (yes unlike my arrogant friend i am prepared to pay tribute etc. when i am weaker albeit english shoulda been prepared cuz i wanted revenge) to pay you 4 tech to now make peace not even considering you have 3 more towns tha nu started..
      (my strat was to trade world maps and give em a little gold to accept the deal... i then look carefuly and found their weakspot: no iron... 1 horse near london, simple strat: pilage their horse roads... declaring war, then wait for em to use up some of teir horsemen etc. while defending with you 10-12 veteran horsemen backed by 2 spearmen vet. behind walls on "both" front line cities and 1 elite spearmen to push forward with the horses defending them vs enemies retaliation by horse/archers(this was a very early attack... an early attack is always neeed on emperor/deity to get somewhat closer to the othe enemies in terms of tech and cities.. BELIEVE ME!)...

      wow that was fun... and wait you damn english till i get my samurai!! ooh im gonna kick ass with their well rounded 4 attack 4 defence and 2 move(i origionally wantede to play french... but loooooooool france have 3 attack 4 def. 1 movement and thats waiting till gunpowder to get the darn musketeers.... but japa gets 4/4/2 which chivalry..... game needs to boost france and english..... the 2 most powerful real life empires ade worst by infrogames...

      theres my 200 cents


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        ::Blink blink::

        One of these posts is not like the other ones....

        Crosspost? Someone got confused which thread they were replying to?
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          Yeah someone got confused


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            oooops.... .dammit.. i replied to another post... believe you me.... goddam thing messed up.. it wasnt me... honest.... no really..... dammit why dont u believe me?


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              nice post though
              And ever after, sun shone upon the land of Sunshinia...