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    Hey all, I havent been around for some time due to the fact that school has hammered me bad. Unfortunate as it may be, I do not have the computer hardware in order to play Civ4 at this time. I know. I cried, laughed and by now have gotten over it.

    But, I am wondering if any of the Apoly players are interested in starting a conquest PBEM with me. I dont mind how many players, as far as I can care I dont mind what type of game, I just sort of want to get back into Civ.

    I had two PBEMs that died off some time ago, one was the AU602 and the other was a simple small map random game. I liked those, however they didnt pick up speed and both died before contact was made to other civs.

    Thus, I wouldnt mind if I started up a PBEM where the Civilizations were more or less already standing, like in some of the Conquests. The reason for this is that we would remove the troublesome and slow expansion portion that the game generally dies at.

    I dont know if anyone will heed my call, nor if anyone would be interested, but I am simply placing it out there so that if anyone is interested they can get into contact with me here.

    I wouldnt mind the WWII or Napolean or Rome scenarios, but I will leave the actual game decision to be left open until I know others are interested, and then also to hear what others rather.

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    Greetings, you may also want to post in the administrative thread you are looking and available

    Best of luck

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