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POLL 21: Windowed mode?

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  • POLL 21: Windowed mode?

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    What about an extra option:

    Yes, but with option to go full screen



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      Yes to windowed mode!
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        Windowed is BEST!!B E E E E S T
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          Comment by Sirotnikov
          Having an option for both windowed and full screen would be awfully nice. However I don't tihnk they're gonna change it now.

          It has been said that they are using a temporary SMAC engine with Civ 3 graphics and rules. As they have animated high resolution units they will probably have a totally new engine for the game. That means that the current view may change drastically.

          And an option is always good as long as it works.
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            If you haven't voted yet... please do. The more people that vote will only help make them understand how important this issue really is.

            To repeat the comment I made in the poll...
            If they don't make it windowed, they are totally ignorant of how people play TB MP games.

            Even the SP players gain from a windowed version. I know when I play in SP mode, I'm still checking out other things while I play.
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     first post in a long long time. I don't have time to sit in the forums anymore. Just fill in the occasional polls.

              Windowed mode is a must. Civ3 requires long hours of play time. Thus the option to have ICQ open and easily available at the same time will alleviate the toll that megagames like this take on your social life. Granted ICQ isn't exactly replacment for face to face contact but do you really want to be cut off from all communication for 12 hour blocks?
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                After playing some CivII, I have decided that the window mode would be best. When playing the game CTP (full screen), it seemed to go slower. So i fully agree with Roman on that!

                I also fully agree with roman that we need more than 7 civs!!!
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                  I figure, why not? It's not a huge bonus for me, but it is great for multiplayers and can't hurt.

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                    Given the long hours I tend to play Civ for, the game has to be at least minimizable via the Alt-Tab or Ctrl-Esc keys. It would be nice to be able to switch from a full screen to a window on the fly, that way if an important thing comes up (ICQ, important email, meeting...) you could have it running in the corner of the screen while being able to monitor your other resources. This is less of a big deal for most games, but given the crowd that Civ attracts, I think many people would like a windowed feature. At least I would appreciate it.



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                      If you press the little wavy window button on the keyboard (the one that opens the Start menu) then you can minimize Alpha Centauri. I actually do that all the time (like when I'm supposed to be doing my homework ).


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                        or you could just press Tab and Alt.. duh.. umm does it really make ythat much of a difference?


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                          Hopefully Firaxis keeps things in windowed mode.

                          I've been playing regularl yCTP-I lately. One of the really annoying things of the game is that you don't play it in windowed mode. Activision didn't change things in CTP-II. Sometimes my wife or I have to open an other application in the meanwhile that I'm playing. You always have to safe and close the game.

                          Please, please WINDOWED MODE


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                            i won't be buying it if its not in windowed form.
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                              Well i am happy with the voting so far, overwhelming support for windowed mode.. IT seems people voting no, are confused about direct X. Direct X allows for windowed mode play, and i even posted the flag and a directx function in the other thread. I am also not suprised to see not a single multiplayer person has voted no. This isn't a RTS game where everyone is constantly moving and thinking. In the comments section someone made a reference to starcraft. Well in star craft like all RTS games you are constantly moving and fighting, you don't have time to do anything else. if you alt tab out your most likely going to die. In civ your spending most of your time just waiting for your turn. I can't think of many people sitting there and waiting 15 min for a turn. Even with sim turns i was recently in a 7 player game where a lot of us would finish in 3 min and a few people would take 30 min to move.
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