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  • Minuteman
    Well, I don't own a Mac, but did you happen to peruse the read-me for the latest Civ III patch for the Mac?

    There didn't seem to be as many bugs that needed to be addressed in the latest Mac version. I'm curious too as to how well Civ III performs on the Mac.

    If that read-me was any indication, it would appear that the Mac might be a more stable platform for the game than the PC.

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  • ACooper
    Don't know how it runs but,

    once you go MAC you never come back
    'cause you die!!!!!!!

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  • Cookie Monster
    started a topic Civ3 for MAC

    Civ3 for MAC

    Hi all,

    Does anyone out there own the MAC version of Civ3?

    If so do you have any performance issues or bugs? What platform are you running it on?

    I'm thinking about getting a Powerbook Titanium G4 and having never owned a MAC before was just curious.

    All you Wintel users out there please don't laugh at me, I heard that once you go MAC you never come back.

    If this thread doesn't belong here forgive me. I really want to know how Civ3 performs on the MAC system.