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Handling Civil Disorder

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  • Handling Civil Disorder

    1. Population change (growth or starvation) can cause civil disorder because the the new citizen is added as worker or an entertainer is "starved". Civ 3 is better than II since you can now click on the center tile at the end of the previous turn and it will adjust with growth in consideration. Can the governer do this for me automatically every turn (per city or globally)? Same applies to disorder caused by military deployment (see 2.)

    2. At the end of the turn, it would be nice if the governer can warn me of the upcoming disorder because of the war we just entered or the new troop deployment.

    3. At the turn, the popup goes by too quickly (I was never able to catch which resource is depleted). It is quite annoying to find out your city is still in disorder because you forget to adjust last turn. Since we iterate over all units to specify action, why can we include disordered city in the iteration?

    I am new to the game and the forum. I know there must some way to make suggestion to the game developer. Can someone help me to send this as a suggestion?


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    This has all been said already mate.
    Im sorry Mr Civ Franchise, Civ3 was DOA