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Missing slots on the Tech Tree and where the units go

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  • Missing slots on the Tech Tree and where the units go

    I was wondering where the Chinese special unit goes in the tech tree and got to wondering about the empty slots.

    Where, for example, in the modern age does the American F-15 fit in? The only slot that seems available is under space flight, unless it's the plane in Rocketry. In which case, where does the Soviet MiG go? Do only the USA and the Soviets get jets till the Stealth bomber? If others get regular jets, then it ups the unit count.

    And if the airport is under Flight, what's the third item under advanced flight?

    And under Chivalry, it's not the knight, it's the Samurai, and there are no empty slots. So where does the knight go? Under Feudalism? If that's the case, where does the Chinese special unit go? Hoseback riding? Doesn't that seem a little early for it? But if not there, where?

    And remember that American War of Independence (1700s rifleman) era unit? Where does it go in the tech tree? And if it's there, it notches up the unit count again.

    There seems to be a 1800 style soldier under Nationalism, a WWI/II era soldier under Replaceable Parts, and the musketman under gunpowder (probably where the French get the musketman too). So it probably falls under military tradition, which means there's another step in the evolution of the infantry unit. There's also a mounted unit there, so there's some kind of more modern cavalry unit.

    Unless the unit has been dropped or given different graphics over the development of the game. There were early shots of a biplane in one of the screenshots, which doesn't seem to have made the final cut.

    And under Stealth there's some 3rd item in the empty slot. Another unit or some kind of building? And what the heck do you think Smart Weapons is going to do? Upgrade attacks? provide a new unit? Surely it wouldn't be a building or a wonder.

    Some of the early slots like Warrior Code probably will include the aztec special unit, the Impi, the babylonian bowman. Bronze working is filled out by the missing Hoplite. Someone's gonna get the elephant under Polytheism.

    The blue background pieces on the Modern screen are obviously parts of the spaceship, so there may be a spaceship piece under stealth? Doesn't quite make sense.

    Oh well. Interesting puzzle, how they're gonna do it, but it'll be out in a month or so . . .


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    I would guess that the icons on the tech tree only appear if relevant. ie MiG/F16 replace regular Jet Fighter, and would probably be triggered by the same tech.

    Aargh! spelling/fat fingers.
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      I think it has already been confirmed that UU are coming from the same tech as the normal unit. So they need no place on the tech tree. Just in your civ the image and unit would be different.
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        Aaaah! Thnx!

        That explains much.