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  • Support units ideas

    I havenīt misunderstood, in Civ3 there will be SUPPORT UNITS, like the catapult, that give special bonus to units stacked with them.

    P.e. Catapult stacked with an infantry unit that is attacking a city with city walls reduced the defense bonus that the city walls give to the defenders.

    Here are some ideas of other "support units":

    SIEGE TOWER: As catapults, should reduce defensive bonus of city walls, fortress and great wall, but donīt do permanent damage to this facilities, as catapults could do.

    BALOOM: Increase the range of artillery.

    GATLING GUN: The stacked units have x2 defense vs. cavalry.

    MACHINE GUN: The stacked units have x2 defense vs. infantry and calvary (unarmoured units).

    AT Battery/BAZOOKA: x2 vs. armoured units.

    AA Battery: x2 defense vs. air units.

    SAM Battery: x2 defense vs. jet air units.

    Is this were true, support units could be a way to compensate the big advantage of those who had and army early in the game, simply making the support units bonuses non aplicable to armies stacked wiht them. P.e. Patton is attacking your cities with an army consisting in 2 tanks and 1 mech infantry. You have some infantry units in your city, but you have also 2 Bazooka units. Your infantry units would have x2 defense till they lost 2 combats, making the task harder for Pattonīs army.

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    And what if support units could be captured and used by other civilizations? . Mind the possibilities!.


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        That's a good idea for a future modpack, of course someone has to do the 3D rendering. Don't expect to see this in the game right off, though. Firaxis is beta testing and has reported that everything is essentially done. All they have to do is check for bugs.
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          I know, I know, I know, but Catapults are in, arenīt they?.

          What I want to know is if the catapult unit will work as Iīve described and specially is there will be any other support units appart from the catapults.


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            It's my understanding (no real proof to back this up) that Civ3 catapults are able to "bombard" enemy units (both in and outside cities). This would be a special ability (not a normal attack) wherein the catapult was always successful and never died nor lost hitpoints (they probably won't even have hitpoints). This bombardment would damage (but probably not kill) the enemy. I don't think that catapults will give other units in their square any special bonuses. Nor do I think that catapults will be able to harm city walls or other city improvements. I think they'll act similarly to the Civ2 spy's sabotage - though perhaps affecting all enemy units in the target square.

            A pile of catapults (preferably on a mountain or hill to increase their range so they're not adjacent to their enemy, thus reducing counterattacks) might be the only way to break open a city full of Hoplites.