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    Lookie at what i found at Civ Fanatics Center

    "Civ3 will include a "very robust" civilization editor. You will be able to create new civilizations, import them into the game, and share them with other players. "
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      A bump-reply for those who are interested in tweak- and modification-possibilities in Civ-3.


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        Originally posted by Ilkuul
        Paper or vellum for Diplomats??! But those aren't raw materials. So probably not. Maybe you need sheep --> wool --> cloth --> fancy clothes for your diplomats!
        There aren't any Diplomats/Spies anymore. It was said a while back.
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          Originally posted by Christantine The Great
          There aren't any Diplomats/Spies anymore. It was said a while back.
          No Diplomats and Spy's? This is news to me.
          So everything is handled through the diplomacy-screen? And the comparing democraphics-screen?

          Anyway, thats good news, because they shouldnt make important game-elements unnecessarily dependent on how good/bad the AI-units move around & find their targets. They scrapped the caravan as well - even better.

          My only concern left is those damn AI-workers ability to improve city-areas and resources effectively. These things should be executed by some kind of automatic sequential tweakable maturing-process instead, with AI-workers just moving around mostly for show (unless road-connecting AI-cities and connecting to other empires).
          Also, the AI settler-units ability to exploit the available land-area more effectively by emphasizing coastal-cities, then working inwards - or by adding manually pre-edited potential AI city-locations (at least in edited scenario-maps), from there the AI-civs could expand more freely & effectively without bother about calculating optimal locations.


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            The game's level editor is incredibly diverse. Every aspect of the game can be tweaked. Required technologies, civilization effects, combat values, race attributes, governments, and more can be modified. The level of customization is so staggering that it's almost like creating an entirely new game. Modifications and scenarios are saved to a small file that can be used by any player with Civ III on their system. The developer hopes that the Civ community will get creative and conjure up some nifty scenarios for download.
            Well, above certainly feels reassuring so far. Keep up the good works!
            Reassuring? My goodness, Ralf, isn't there a better term? Firaxis had promised this a long time ago. And since I firmly believe that this is the most important element of Civ3, I expected Firaxis to hold to their promise. I don't need to feel reassured, just fulfilled.