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newbie here: how to establish trade route and trade goods

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  • newbie here: how to establish trade route and trade goods

    I know in the CivII days, I can build caravans with camels or trucks to move goods between cities and generate trading profit.

    So, what should I do in CivIII, there seems no such anymore.

    How can I trade between cities, or with other civs, and how to check the status of my trade, like how much money I am making and who is blocking my trade etc.


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    To trade a resource you must have a road connecting the resource square with your capital. Then you also must have a road connection between your capital and the capital of a civ with which you wish to trade.

    The trade routes are automatic and are negotiated in the diplomacy screen (no caravan units). Alternatively, you can have trade route established using sea lines if you have a city with a harbour or using air lines if you have an airport.

    EDIT: Once you connect any city to a resource building a road you receive unlimited supply of a given resource to all connected cities.


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      Thank you ljcvetko, when you say "are negotiated in the diplomacy screen", does that mean when some civ asks me for giving him Ivory, than I ask him for giving me Silk, then that's a trade? if so, I do I know the revenue etc of this trade?


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        Yes. You can check all your deals in the diplomacy screen by choosing the lower option active to see current deals instead of the default option new. Most newcomers don't know this.

        You can also include any other provision in the deal, like money per turn so called gpt, techs, treaties and such.


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          thank you!


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            Good old days when you just first learened how to make a trade route, and you finally built your 5th city.... sigh....