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How to combat: pollution, global warming and corruption?

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    Originally posted by spy14

    Due to the fact they have always been practically worthless, I have never built said courthouses/police stations. Do you consider them to now be worth the hassle/maintenance?
    Every city not in the first ring from the capital should definitely have a courthouse at some point. The courthouse will pay for its own maintenance and more in increase commerce/research, plus bonus shiled production.

    Police stations are another issue, since they come much later and are more expensive, so depending on the circumstances they may not achieve much except assist with war weariness in the very big cities. They may be worthwhile in the more corrupt cities.
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      Originally posted by Antrine
      Gee, any improvement is worth the freight when one goes into the editor and starts ticking away. Especially cost effective, if they spit out a nice unit now and again and super, super nice when that choice unit just happens to be maintenance free!
      Tsk now thats going a bit far isnt it??


      Maybe i'll mod the other Civs so they cant build anything more advanced than Cav
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        Originally posted by jamesyao
        Thanks for the inputs!

        what is 'FP'?

        I am not good at editing, but anyway, it looks like the way to go.
        if you check the boxes for every improvement so that they reduce pollution/corruption/etc then there is none of the above in developed cities.

        Getting rid of global warming requires changing the terrain change effect, thats under the terrain tiles(its only in grassland/plains/forested tiles, all other terrain is "immune" to global warming as it stands)