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Ability to remove tech/ages?

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  • Ability to remove tech/ages?

    I've seen the thread on lowing down tech, but is there a way to completely remove the ability to proceed into further eras WITHOUT removing all the technology from the tree and the related units?

    An example, I'd love to be able to play the game through the first two ages and then have no more technology/units to research/build. Can one do this easily?


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    Why not add a tech, which requires about 10 billion beakers? It would never be researched, and therefore you could never proceed to the next era
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      That is probably the easiest way to go, stick in a new tech or change one of the existing tech needed to get to the next age.

      Make it basically impossible to finish.


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        Yuo can't because the editor, at least for C3C will only let you put the cost up to 1000.

        Any better ideas?



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          You may think this is a bit pedantic, but that is still alot of beakers. Add more than one advance. If you don't want to do that, then I'm sorry that I can't help you.
          You just wasted six ... no, seven ... seconds of your life reading this sentence.


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            As you mess with tech tree, there are various ramifications.

            One thousand beakers, yes then two considerations. The max setting for tech, make it a hundred turns? And the AI's wasting mass resources chasing ghosts.

            In picking up the feeling of your post, I sense similar sediments as mine own and this what I am doing.

            Pack back to Age I and Age II all the techs you want to use, renaming and theming as desired. Right now I have packed 30 techs into the Ancient Age and am considering placing back as many as six more. To facilitate a long Ancient Age, disable most of the tech to 'not tradable'. To get rid of units, set to not available to any CIV with no tech required, no upgrade, set to none. They won't show up on the tech tree and will never be available. Do the same for improvements/wonders not desired as well. Make every 'tech', 'required' for age advancement. Set the minimum tech up to 6 or more.

            Place a few dummy techs in for to regulate slow down, however with all the above measures, I think Age advancement will be so slow that it will effectively no longer be a game issue. As there are only 1000 turns in a game.
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              Thanks guys.

              Basically what I did was to remove the units I didn't want available, though I am not sure if this has caused some errors...