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    Good day,

    It appears that I may need to format my computer and I would like to save my current game from being erased. Could someone let me know what the file name is that contains my current saved games? Following that how would I upload that file once I have formatted my drive?

    Thanks in advance for the assistance.

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    All of your saved games are located in the "save" folder. Each of the saves have the extension .SAV

    If you have another harddrive on your computer, you can copy the .SAV files over to there, or you can email them as an attachment to yourself (just don't check for new mail until you have finished reformating your system).

    Once your computer is up and running again, load Civ3 and PTW or Civ3 and Conquests (which ever you want to use) and copy your .SAV files back into the save directory either in PTW or Conquests. Hope this helps.
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      D:\Program Files\Infogrames Interactive\Civilization III

      D:\Program Files\Infogrames Interactive\Civilization III\Civ3PTW

      D:\Program Files\Infogrames Interactive\Civilization III\Conquests\Saves

      Most saves will be under 1.4MB so you could copy to floppy. CD will hold all you have.

      If all of that is a problem, then post one or two in this thread and DL later.