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    Does anyone know if recon missions into rival (not enemy) civ's air space does damage to existing diplomatic relationships? Haven't tested, just thought of it. If not, I think it should. Its real world implication would be a violation of sovereign air space.


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    Answers? Don't think it does

    Thoughts? only when getting caught?
    Then again, no need to makes things more complex then need be.
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      It depends on how literally you want to take the graphics (an ongoing debate I'm not engaging in here). If you think that jet fighter icon actually represents a jet fighter, or group of jet fighters, there is more merit to your idea. If, however, you think that it represents the ability for your nation to, among other things, gather limited information from an area within that range, then going back to real world implications would mean looking at the tacit acceptance of satellite recon, etc., that has been going on in the real world for decades. You'd also have to consider the instances in which one country overtly allows another to use its airspace.

      It's not a bad thought, but if a civ is gracious or polite to you, I would think it could be taken as an allowed overflight, while eroding already poor relations (or at least having an RNG chance to do so).

      Consider also, that even if it represents actual jet fighters to you, the recon range is going to be close enough to your border or carrier to introduce gray area, real world-wise.
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        Given that a recon mission can be conducted only if you have an air unit stationed nearby, and given also that ordering such a mission means that that unit cannot be used for another mission that turn, I would have thought it's fairly conclusive that that unit is the one actually carrying out the recon mission. In other words, if your unit is a jet fighter, you've just ordered a jet fighter or squadron thereof to have a gander at what's going on over the border.

        Presumably a right-of-passage agreement would make it OK? I must admit I've never flown any such mission so have no experience...


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          As I said, my intention wasn't to reopen that debate, but I do want to point out that just because you order that particular unit to perform the task, and that unit is depicted as a jet fighter, doesn't necessarily (depending on your POV) mean that unit is anything more than your ability to "see" that area one time. Much like some argue that an MA unit represents not a modern tank, or battalion, or whatever echelon you like, of them, but your ability to strike with a strength of 24 in a certain, map dependent, 3 move based range. Two MAs represent your ability to do it twice. It's really merely a question of how abstract you like to think of your game.

          Check out some of the spearman/tank threads for a much more detailed, and emotional, version of that debate.
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            Interesting question. My money's on it having no more effect than moving a two-move land unit in and out of an enemy's territory during your turn.

            Tangentially, it's worth noting that an aerial unit with detect invisible won't see subs in or around the tile it's reconning. Annoying for modders.
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