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Turn 252: 1310AD

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  • Turn 252: 1310AD

    Opening the save.
    "tout comprendre, c'est tout pardonner"

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    EotS finishes Bomber.
    Bolderberg finishes Bomber.
    Tornado finishes MI.
    Typhoon finishes Transport.
    Monsoon finishes Transport.
    WW finishes Civil Defense.
    "tout comprendre, c'est tout pardonner"


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      Military Advisor:

      ND forces:

      31 Worker
      1 Explorer
      20 Marine
      14 Cavalry
      53 Infantry
      73 Tank
      12 Mech Inf
      1 Frigate
      17 Transport
      1 Submarine
      8 Destroyer
      1 Battleship
      18 Bomber
      4 Ansar

      GoW forces:

      20 Worker
      31 Marine
      10 Cavalry
      8 Infantry
      56 Tank
      50 Mech Inf
      52 Artillery
      27 Transport
      7 Carrier
      1 Submarine
      20 Destroyer
      1 Battleship
      1 Nuclear Sub
      5 Fighter
      25 Bomber
      2 Rider
      "tout comprendre, c'est tout pardonner"


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        Lego has moved their 1/5 DD 88, and it may have bombarded our 3/5 DD, or the other ships bombarded/attacked it because it's 2/5 now.

        Bringing down our 2/4 DD from the fight with the Sub to check out the NW section of tiles Lego could have gone to. NW section clear.

        Sending our 2/5 DD from the fight with the DD to check out the E section of tiles Lego could have gone to. Spot 2 4/4 Transports 5 tiles E of where they were last turn. 2/5 DD has 2 movement left and is 77 of the Transports.

        Sending our 4/4 DD on the W side to check out the section of tiles Lego could have gone to to the W. This leaves 3 tiles in the center that we can't spot, but those are the ones we are in best position to contain next turn. Spot a 4/4 Transport 5 tiles W of where it was last turn. 4/4 DD has 3 movement left and is 88 of the Transport.
        "tout comprendre, c'est tout pardonner"


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          Attacking lone Lego 4/4 Transport LNT-FE with 4/4 DD, 4/4 DD. Lego -8 Infantry.

          Attacking Lego 1/5 DD H.B.S. Pollux with 4/4 BB, 4/4 BB.

          Going to use the 2/5 DD to try to turn Lego around by placing it 9 of the 2 Transports. Even if we were to sink one of the 2 Transports with the 2/5 DD this turn, we won't sink the other with it, and if we were to lose we could lose track of the Transports completely. We need to keep the 2/5 DD for spotting purposes at least one more turn so we can get enough ships in the area to sink both Transports.
          "tout comprendre, c'est tout pardonner"


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            Sabatoge costs:

            Borcem 7686
            Sullaban 4164

            Killdaria 10812

            Building up Tempest to size 18 to keep our options open once Trip makes a decision. Mining everything around Tempest to get to 136spt, -8fpt, 57f stored, 7 turns till starvation. UN will finish in 4 turns. Upping research to 90% (1419g, -355gpt, 4 turns) in case we want to switch ASAP. If not we can back off research in the coming turns. At this pace (and with 100g from RP) we would have to wait until the 6th turn to pay ND for Rocketry.

            OG is also losing food now. -2fpt with 40 food in storage, 20 turns till starvation.
            "tout comprendre, c'est tout pardonner"


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              Landing 14 Tanks, 3 Artillery, 7 Infantry. Last 8 Tanks will land next turn.
              "tout comprendre, c'est tout pardonner"


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                Sending Computers+WM to RP. We need to ask Vox if RP can have Fission too.
                "tout comprendre, c'est tout pardonner"


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                  ND still have their Infantry on our Uranium. Lets get back to ND on the naval limits and ask them to remove their unit from the Uranium source on our side of the division of Lego territory.
                  "tout comprendre, c'est tout pardonner"


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                    Here's the current situation in the S with Lego. The Light green squares are possible locations where Lego's other ships could be. I didn't check Lego's numbers of ships against last turn, so they could have lost the 1/4 DD and 5/5 IR against our 3/5 DD. If not, they are in one of those two tiles.

                    The rest of the darker green tiles are where Lego ships could be next turn. We can attack any of those tiles with at least 1 DD or BB. Lego's 2 Transports can't get away at this point unless they win battles.

                    "tout comprendre, c'est tout pardonner"


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                      Closing up the save.
                      "tout comprendre, c'est tout pardonner"


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                        I'll try to get a message out to ND tomorrow, if anyone can do it sooner be my guest. I would do it tonight, if I hadn't had a bottle of wine. I've made some awkward posts before, and won't risk it now (not that I'm drunk, but let's just say I had more focused days)



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                          No time whatsoever right now to send something to ND... maybe tomorrow. Sorry, I'm really busy. I promised to get a file out to my (most likely) future employer before he would arrive at work tomorrow morning, but grossly underestimated the amount of work needed. I typed about 20 pages the past 2 days, and need at least 5 more. I do not want to be late... not a good impression.



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                            Guess GoW did not run into any Lego ships.


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                              Hi guys. Sorry it's been ages since I checked in.

                              The album has been a nightmare to finish but it's finally done, sounding good, and handed over to the record company. When it goes on sale in April you guys will be amongst the first to know

                              In parallel, the day job data-conversion-from-hell project is finally live, though as the customer never reckoned it was his responsibility to test the system, this has led to a few interesting situations.

                              I've lost a lot of weight and sleep (I'm skinny as it is) but I'm off to Ireland tomorrow for a break until tuesday. There's a good chance I can help catch up with some diplo tonight though - depending on what the customer complains about today.

                              Next week I'm expecting to finally have some time for my team ....