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Emperor Modo II - Poll 2 - the Goths

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  • Emperor Modo II - Poll 2 - the Goths

    The Goths are currently at war with the Macedonians. We have strong forces on their border. They have numerous weak units on our border. We are allied against the Celts (2 turns left), and we have a gpt for luxury deal (9 turns to go).

    My idea was to sign a ROP with the Goths and let them kill some Hoplites. However, others asked for a limited war with the Goths, to farm for Leaders. This calls for a vote.
    Sign a ROP, to let them attack the Macedonians easier.
    Declare war (breaking an Alliance and a gpt for luxury deal).
    Leave the situation as is (no war, no ROP either).

    The poll is expired.

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    Our Legions do not negotiate RoP's. They go wherever they want and make RoP's by capturing cities.

    Continue as is till the lux deal expires or they renig whichever is first.
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      Leave as is until deals expire. Then kill all Goth units. Leave them their worthless puke cities so they can make more units for us to kill.

      Their best unit: 4/1/1
      Our best unit: 6/5/1

      They can do us no harm, but killing their units can only help us.
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        I like the anti-human view of Donegal

        I say no ROP under any circumstances. Start a war or keep the current situation as you decide depending of the forces we need for the war with the Macedons.


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          No ROP. We do NOT need Gaul units heading thru our territory blocking the route of our own Legions and Heavy Calvary.
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            let the rop expire

            if they cant give enough gold and cant supply enough forces to help agaisnt the Mac's, why have them around?
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