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Possible trades 740 AD

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  • Possible trades 740 AD

    We can trade with Japan Engineering and 101 gold for Monotheism. Instead of the 101 gold we could give them 6 gpt. Japan has no gold currently.

    For the mutual protextion pact with Egypt we can get
    Monotheism, Feudalism, The Republic, 75 Gold and 77 gpt (actually all their gold). If we wait three more turns we could get Invention probably.
    For alliance with Egypt vs. Persia we can get their world map and gold.

    Mutual protection can be discussed in the thread about the war the war between Egypt and Persia.

    So, what do you think?

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    I like your research

    Not sure I want to enter the war at this stage. We have seen Persian Riflemen near our borders
    Gurka 17, People of the Valley
    I am of the Horde.