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    After four terms there was no information about the things my predcessors and I have completed. This will change and I'll publish soon what we have done during these months.

    In the future here will be placed all major events that have been completed.

    Polls and discussions about trades, agreements, etc. will be placed somewhere else. Please, do not post here.

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    Term I

    FAM 123john321 elected with 28 votes and 5 abstain

    4000 BC
    Contact with Spain

    3550 BC
    aquired Ceremonial Burial from Spain

    2070 BC
    contact with Egypt
    Trade with Egypt - we obtained the Wheel and Masonry (and 10 g) in exchange for Alphabet.

    1575 BC
    Trade with Spanish: Contact with Egypt + 265 g for Writing;
    Trade with Spanish: 40g for Territory Map;
    Trade with Egypt: Writing for 80g;

    Term II

    FAM MrWhereItsAt elected with 26 votes for him and 3 abstain

    1375 BC
    - Spain & Egypt have traded HBR & Philosophy
    - Egypt got Map Making
    - Spain completed the Great Lighthouse
    - Barad-Dur in the Black Land completed the Pyramids
    - We have met the Persians; they have Map Making, and Code Of Laws but -lack- Ceremonial Burial & Philosophy

    1325 BC
    First war - we have captured one persian settler

    1075 BC
    - We got Map Making for +10 gold
    - We got Philosophy from Egypt

    925 BC
    sold Polytheism to the three other civs for peace with Persia, Mathematics, Code Of Laws, plus lots of golds and maps. It seems everyone is on an island.

    Term III
    FAM ormuzd - elected with 13 votes and 2 abstained

    710 BC
    Found embassies in Egypt and Spain - they were in state of war which ended soon after this

    Term IV
    FAM ormuzd - elected with 12 votes and 1 abstained.

    530 BC
    - Traded world maps with all our neighbours and won 7 gold
    - Found Iron source near Seville, Spain has swordsmen


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      Great Wonders

      The Pyramids - constructed by Persia 1700 BC in Pasargadae
      Tha Hanging Gardens - constructed by Egypt 450 BC in Pi-Ramesses
      The Colossus - constructed by the Babylonians 2310 BC in Babylon
      The Great Lighthouse - constructed by Spain 1400 BC in Madrid
      The Great Libary - constructed by France 730 BC in Paris
      The Oracle - constructed by the Americans 1675 BC in Washington
      The Great Wall - constructed by Egypt 550 BC in Heliopolis


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        hmm not much action in last few terms ...
        GM of MAFIA #40 ,#41, #43, #45,#47,#49-#51,#53-#58,#61,#68,#70, #71


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          Where is the FAM I would like to see what deals he can come up with for us on tech.
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            absent with many other ministers....
            GM of MAFIA #40 ,#41, #43, #45,#47,#49-#51,#53-#58,#61,#68,#70, #71


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              I'm sorry for my absense. I'll try to read all those chats made in the last two weeks, update the topic and take a look at the current save.


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                that would be great, as you may note we are in a session now

                hope all is well
                Gurka 17, People of the Valley
                I am of the Horde.


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                  TERM V

                  FAM ormuzd elected with 14 votes for him and 2 abstain

                  110 AD
                  Started war between us and Persia

                  130 AD
                  Our glorious armies have captured the cities Tyre and Sidon

                  150 AD
                  Sardis captured

                  260 AD
                  After more than 100 years siege we captured Samaria
                  the war between us and Persia ended. Persia gave the city of Hamadan, construction and 20 gold to us

                  300 AD
                  Contact with the Aztecs

                  350 AD
                  We have our first contacts with Babylon, Korea and Japan

                  370 AD
                  We have traded Literacy, Polytheism and our world map for Currency and the world map of Japan

                  390 AD
                  - Contacts with England, France and Celts
                  - Aquired World map from Celts

                  430 AD
                  Aquired America's TM and 1 gold for our WM

                  440 AD
                  Contact with Russia and aquired their TM

                  540 AD
                  contact with Rome

                  550 AD
                  contact with Greece

                  630 AD
                  traded our gems with England for 60 gold, 4 gpt and their world map

                  630 AD
                  Persia declares war on Egypt

                  640 AD
                  America, Aztecs, Korea declare war on Egypt

                  650 AD
                  Russia, Greece declare war on Egypt

                  660 AD
                  - established embassy in Technochitlan
                  - sold Literature for 30 gold to the Aztecs

                  690 AD
                  Traded with Korea gems and 2 gpt for wines

                  700 AD
                  - Traded with France Engineering for our gems, 95 gold and 18gpt
                  - Traded with Persia their TM and 220 gold for our gems

                  730 AD
                  traded our world map for the territory maps of America, Greece, Rome, Japan, England, Babylon and Celts and aquired 21 gold
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                    wel ldone on hte foreign side of things
                    GM of MAFIA #40 ,#41, #43, #45,#47,#49-#51,#53-#58,#61,#68,#70, #71


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                      there is still much to be done
                      We have to set our priorities - buy techs or train armies and aquire the techs after numerous wars.


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                        looking forward to your next update
                        Gurka 17, People of the Valley
                        I am of the Horde.


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                          Turnchat 35

                          830 AD
                          - Traded our World map with the Aztecs for their Territory map and 16 gold

                          - Found embassy in Persepolis for 48 gold
                          - Traded gems and 26 gpt wot Russia for Invention
                          - Signed a military alliance with Persia against Russia. Persia provided us with 334 gold
                          - we have started war with Russia

                          - Traded gems and 27 gpt with Greece for Gunpowder, Territory map and 14 gold
                          - Signed military alliance with Egypt against Greece; Egypt added their Territory map and 1 gold

                          - Sold our World map to America, France, Celts and Babylon for 78 gold total
                          - Traded Invention with Japan for Monotheism and World map

                          840 AD
                          Extended Pallace - completed the base of the main building

                          850 AD
                          Aztecs and Korea signed millitary alliance against Egypt


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                            turnchat 36

                            860 AD
                            Traded Gunpowder with Japan for Theology and their World map

                            890 AD
                            Sold gems to Persia and America for 17 gpt in total

                            900 AD
                            France and Persia signed military alliance against Russia.

                            910 AD
                            - Traded World map to the Aztecs for 3 gold
                            - Declared war to the Aztecs

                            - Singed peace treaty with Greece; they added Chemistry and we - 30 gpt, 1 gold and World map
                            - Traded Chemistry to Japan for Education, 15 gold and 3 gpt
                            - Traded our world map to all civilizations for 36 gold in total
                            - Signed peace treaty with Russia for 26 gold, their world map and the Music Theory


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                              Thanks Ormuzd
                              Gurka 17, People of the Valley
                              I am of the Horde.