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Senate Session 25

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    TurnChat / Senate Session 25 Part III

    Paddy: hahaha another worker for us
    Rasputin: you posted last save paddy ?
    Rasputin: 10AD ??
    Paddy: 10 ad yes
    Rasputin: ok downlaoding it
    Paddy: cool
    theViking: Save and post start 30ad
    Paddy: sorry was not here, Raz did you get it...
    Rasputin: hmmm so 30AD is latest ?
    theViking: If he load 10ad he has to do all the moves...
    Paddy: 10AD was only saved just before we hit End Turn
    Paddy: happy to re save and post though
    Rasputin: damn lights dimming here guys, i might quit and apologise for not staying
    theViking: {Mona give the man in Sydeny a Carlton Draught}
    Rasputin: 130 k winds blowing and rain flooding down
    Paddy: thanks for the beer, the only ones I will get tonight
    Paddy: 130K that is some gale
    Rasputin: yeah ,, it pretty noisy outside
    Rasputin: ok i best go and turn this thing off
    Rasputin: have fun and dont let paddy walk all ove you LOL
    Paddy: cool, have a safe night
    Paddy: ha
    Paddy: cheeky bugger

    Rasputin departs the Senate

    Paddy: well that was one way to blow 30 mins of game play
    Paddy: hahaha
    Paddy: ok, do we want to take 4 swords to Tyre or the 3 swds and 1 archer that are loaded
    theViking: I think 3 sword and one archer is ok for Tyre
    Paddy: cool
    Paddy: 4Forgotten warior to fort
    theViking: but we are still two turns away from an attcck
    Paddy: yes
    Paddy: do you want FW to go elsewhere
    theViking: FW f
    Paddy: cool
    Paddy: 4 Forgotten warior to fort
    Paddy: gems??
    theViking: 1-1-4?
    Paddy: 4Gems Ahoy 1-1-4
    Paddy: thors sickle
    theViking: ok
    Paddy: 1-4- sit
    Paddy: so they are together
    theViking: yes
    Paddy: 4TS 1-4 sit
    Paddy: 4Twang 2-1 fort
    theViking: Twang 2-1
    theViking: f
    Paddy: yes
    theViking: Lets load Gyda with Sword
    Paddy: ok
    Paddy: WBGuards 7
    Paddy: 4WBGuards 7
    Paddy: and the Blue Lady is empty too
    Paddy: Mrshall Amps in TWHere 8
    Paddy: 4Mrshall Amps in TWHere 8
    Paddy: shall we load the B Lady??
    Paddy: .
    Paddy: have I lost you theViking???
    theViking: No, I lost some stupid guy in the Jungle
    Paddy: ahh, sorry about that...
    Paddy: twas a blonde before I went grey / bald
    theViking: I have to load the save next time, but lets us put swords in to the galleys
    Paddy: ok
    Paddy: 4Forget Work 8 onto the Blue Lady
    theViking: And the move enough swords towards Sidon to take it..
    Paddy: 4Makahlua the Valkyrie 8 onto the Blue Lady
    Paddy: shall we take the cats...
    theViking: Have we got a spear?
    Paddy: in Bifrst
    Paddy: Busby could make it
    theViking: ok
    Paddy: we have two cats in TWH
    theViking: I think that would be better than a cat
    Paddy: cool
    Paddy: how many swords do you want
    theViking: Lets use the cats on the pikeman in Sidon
    Paddy: yes
    theViking: if we keep 4 swords in TWH it should be safe
    Paddy: yes
    Paddy: we have an archer there as well, leave them
    theViking: leave him
    Paddy: cool
    Paddy: OK
    Paddy: 4Move the Gunnas 1
    theViking: Let the rest go agains Sidon
    Paddy: 4Move RasTBHeart; His Dudeness; CowpultNick 1
    Paddy: only leave the archer now
    theViking: + 4 sword
    Paddy: ok
    Paddy: just doing the roll call
    theViking: ok
    Paddy: this war they should be remembered
    theViking: hope so
    Paddy: 4move flint & Fire; grog; the Axe Grinders; Rock and fire cat; Octavian x 1
    Paddy: 4move busby (spears) 4-1-1 from Bifrost
    Paddy: That is 11 units outside sidon....
    Paddy: outside of Sardis...
    Paddy: we have 4 swords in the mountains
    theViking: good, the Charlie's gang 4
    Paddy: yes
    Paddy: move them 4
    theViking: yes
    Paddy: 4Charles Daniels Band Sword stack 4
    theViking: They will be a day or two late
    Paddy: ahh yes, but they are on their way
    Paddy: Persia will be hard pressed to reinforce them
    Paddy: what shall we do will this battle fleet
    Paddy: we have two battle fleets
    Paddy: hahaha
    theViking: should we let them wait an see if Gordium are sendig out something?
    Paddy: ahhh
    Paddy: do you see a galley north of Sardis
    theViking: no
    Paddy: ok. posting a pic on the SS 25 thread
    theViking: and we only need two turns to get to Gordium
    theViking: ok
    Paddy: it is up now
    theViking: I see it
    Paddy: hmmm...
    Paddy: should we disptach a galley or await developmkents
    theViking: wander what's in it
    Paddy: that is a question even Eddies little cards could not answer
    Paddy: phone a friend???
    theViking: Gyda and Blue Lady 4-4-7?
    Paddy: excellent
    Paddy: umm 7
    Paddy: cool
    Paddy: that will disturb him
    Paddy: and leave the BIG FREE as an ace up our sleeves
    Paddy: 4Gyda and Blue Lady 4-4-7
    theViking: What is left in TWH
    Paddy: 4 swords and 1 archer
    theViking: ok
    Paddy: and TBFree?
    theViking: I am taking a some while you save and post
    theViking: sit
    Paddy: 4TBFree sit
    theViking: a some? smoke
    Paddy: a smoke would be great
    Paddy: thanks
    Paddy: 3{Judy Jugs for the Senate....... and some steaks to thanks lass}
    Paddy: and now to the southern fleet
    Paddy: Orm Too and Thors Sickle move 1 and unload Mr Warrior(S); Bob Fodder(S); Eirick(S) and
    Ghengis Hood(A) 1
    theViking: Have I misse a save?
    Paddy: no
    Paddy: sorry I was talking about proposed moves... my error
    theViking: I cannot move them
    Paddy: can I have another beer now3.
    Paddy: no either can I
    Paddy: was really a blonde
    theViking: ok here is another Carlton
    Paddy: I was just dreaming out loud
    Paddy: thanks
    Paddy: 4Persin HC Wk stack Roads
    theViking: sound good
    Paddy: new galley in Valhalla name = Rammed be Dammed
    theViking: Helga
    theViking: ok
    Paddy: or Rammed by Helga
    theViking: good
    Paddy: 4new galley in Valhalla name = Rammed by Helga
    Paddy: where will we take her, down into the southern channel
    Paddy: ??
    Paddy: just in case Orm and TS need help
    theViking: towards Fog
    Paddy: yes
    theViking: ok
    Paddy: 4Rammed by Helga 3-2-2
    Paddy: 4Worker Bee wk stack Roads
    Paddy: 4Bobs worker stack Roads
    Paddy: ok... questions
    theViking: no
    Paddy: there has been a lot of talk on this war
    Paddy: so we are going to sweep clean the home lands
    Paddy: then...
    Paddy: are we going for the long journey up to the iron of Persia,,, antioch?
    theViking: Lets take the cities on our land and see what else we can do
    Paddy: cool, the reason i ask, is the two galleys on our east coast
    theViking: Antioch is 4-5 moves away
    Paddy: do we leave them for Madrid
    Paddy: yes,
    Paddy: but Madrid is closer
    Paddy: so do we keep them on the east or continue to bring them around
    theViking: I would have liked to have Berserks to attack Spain...
    Paddy: yes
    theViking: Keep them east
    Paddy: where do you suggest.. NAsgard
    Paddy: 4Madrid Express 3-3-3
    Paddy: Gems Route is partially blocked so she can sit with Madrid X
    Paddy: ??
    Paddy: 4Gems Ahoy to sit
    Paddy: New Spears in New Asgard name = ??
    Paddy: 4New Spears in New Asgard name = The Ronnies
    Paddy: do we reall y need to keep producing spears here?
    Paddy: 4The Ronnies 1-2-1, heading for Bifrost
    Paddy: 4NM 1
    Paddy: new cat on RoV name = Horse
    Paddy: 4Paddy: n
    Paddy: 4new cat on RoV name = Horse
    Paddy: 4Horse 2-6-9 to New Asgard
    Paddy: 12 Searching Cities for anything else
    Paddy: Saving

    theViking departs the Senate

    Paddy departs the Senate
    Gurka 17, People of the Valley
    I am of the Horde.


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      Ok that was a good Senate Session...

      we hope to see you at Senate Session 26


      Be there for when we cleans our homelands.

      There will be plenty of beers and steaks to go around.

      To WAR young Viking.
      Gurka 17, People of the Valley
      I am of the Horde.