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    TurnChat / Senate Session 24 Part III

    Paddy: Persia upseyt about the Grand Galley ORM....
    Paddy: 4Apologize
    Paddy: 4Thats it Goodbye
    theViking: should we reconnect Ring of Vikings to the roads?
    Paddy: hmm we are getting to that
    Paddy: yes we should, I acn see no reason now,,, we are not building warriors are we
    theViking: only in FoG
    Paddy: yes right, hmmm
    Paddy: wonder how long swords will be to build there???
    Paddy: let us get roads to RoV again then
    theViking: w*3
    Paddy: although it may be a turn or two before we have workers available
    Paddy: w*3???
    theViking: when worker bee is ready
    Paddy: ahh very good Sir
    Paddy: very good
    Paddy: 4Cowpult 4-1 fortify
    Paddy: 4His Dudeness 4-1 fortify
    Paddy: 4Ras t BH 4-1 fortify
    Paddy: soorruuyy that is wrong
    theViking: W*3 = Sword take 3 time a worrier
    Paddy: h,mmmm
    Paddy: so do we go for the roads or keep upgrading them
    theViking: Ras 4-1 ?
    Paddy: Swords, will they upgrade to berzerkers
    Paddy: 4Ras t BH 4 fortify
    Paddy: my error
    theViking: ended up inside Persia on mine
    theViking: No sword goes to med.inf
    Paddy: ok
    Paddy: sorry about Raz
    Paddy: must send him email on this
    Paddy: hahaha
    theViking: archer -:[/b][/color] Berserker
    Paddy: ahhh. well some archer would be good to make then
    theViking: yes, but upgrade is expensive
    Paddy: 4Marshall Amps 4 fortify
    Paddy: shall we roads the to RoV, and move prod in some to archers
    Paddy: new warrior in FoG name = ???
    theViking: I have played to much c3c lately where archers are good
    theViking: Your turn for a name
    Paddy: archers can kick butt
    Paddy: 4new warrior in FoG name = Welsh Border Guards
    Paddy: 4Welsh Border Guards 9-9-8
    Paddy: 4TBFree 9-9-9
    Paddy: 4TBLady sits
    Paddy: 4Langday 2
    Paddy: 4Nick 2
    Paddy: 4Octavian x 7
    Paddy: 4Amigo 2
    Paddy: 4Snif 4 fortify
    Paddy: 4Orm 2-2-3
    Paddy: 4Madrid X 8-8-9
    theViking: Orm will not sink
    Paddy: oh... ???
    Paddy: hmmm
    theViking: ended up in the sea
    Paddy: yeah ok, good questions
    Paddy: yeah, hmmmm
    Paddy: puch
    Paddy: ouch that is
    theViking: X fingers
    Paddy: well I may get Cruxified before the elections finish....
    theViking: 50%
    Paddy: X fingers
    Paddy: 4The Bankers Fortify
    Paddy: 4TMValkyries 1-2-2
    Paddy: 4Gems ahoy 8-6-9
    Paddy: Persian HC worker stack 4 mine???
    theViking: already done
    Paddy: 4Persian HC worker stack 4 mine
    theViking: no
    Paddy: 4rainbow mine
    Paddy: ????
    Paddy: I am lost then
    Paddy: what did you mean by: no
    theViking: HC is on BMB 4 which has road and mine
    Paddy: yes
    Paddy: and ready to move
    theViking: ok you want to mine the horse
    Paddy: thus Persian HC worker stack 4 mine
    Paddy: yes, suggestions
    theViking: ok ok
    Paddy: 4Persian HC worker stack 4 mine
    theViking: ok
    Paddy: 4rainbow mine
    theViking: ok
    Paddy: Thors Sickle???
    Paddy: 8-9-9??
    Paddy: or
    theViking: 8 8 wait
    Paddy: 8-8 sit
    theViking: yes
    Paddy: cool
    Paddy: 4THors S 8 8 wait
    Paddy: ok, moves done
    Paddy: Thors hammer WF???
    theViking: wf 3
    Paddy: 4 Thors hammer change taxman to WF3
    Paddy: cool
    Paddy: TH is hooting along
    theViking: we probably has to pick him up again next turn
    Paddy: yeah maybe
    Paddy: do we keep FoG building warriors???
    theViking: rb tax to wf 2?
    Paddy: 4rb tax to wf 2
    theViking: FoG archer?
    Paddy: cool
    Paddy: 4FoG warrior to archer
    theViking: we have 30 sword
    Paddy: yes
    Paddy: Big Furry City Tax to wf 2??
    theViking: didn't help production in my system
    Paddy: yes, all lost to corruption
    Paddy: ok so food then
    theViking: BFC tax to 3 gives growth in 10
    Paddy: or we get two food and two gold on the horse
    theViking: yes that is better
    Paddy: ha gold all lost to production there
    Paddy: ok
    Paddy: 4BFCity tax to 8
    theViking: I tried to use Ras's idea about the govenor hanling cities, lost 50% gpt
    Paddy: ouch........... that hurts just to read it
    Paddy: do you see anything else?? I do not
    Paddy: 4Saving
    Paddy: would you like it downloaded
    theViking: yes if you didn't move Ras into Persia
    Paddy: hahaha ok, doing it now
    Paddy: opps
    Paddy: it is loaded... can we take 5?
    Paddy: I will be back...
    PaddysClone: hello again

    * PaddysClone slaps Paddy around a bit with a large trout

    PaddysClone: he deserves it ... honest
    theViking: ok
    theViking: end turn?
    PaddysClone: 4end turn
    Gurka 17, People of the Valley
    I am of the Horde.


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      TurnChat / Senate Session 24 Part IV

      PaddysClone: the phone is running hot tonight
      theViking: its like that sometimes.
      PaddysClone: OUCH, The Grand Galley ORM sunk....!
      PaddysClone: My apologises. All Hands reported lost!
      PaddysClone: Screaming Reasons Worker are in shock
      theViking: should have been on c3c....
      PaddysClone: yes...
      PaddysClone: bugger this
      PaddysClone: ok
      theViking: We have a new one in TH
      PaddysClone: RoV Cat name = Rock and Fire ??
      theViking: ok
      PaddysClone: ha yes, but to loose one so stupidly
      PaddysClone: 4RoV Cat name = Rock and Fire
      PaddysClone: 4Rock and Fire 2
      PaddysClone: TBFree sits
      PaddysClone: 4TBFree sits
      PaddysClone: 4TBLady sits
      PaddysClone: al gore wk stack 9 for roads ???
      theViking: yes
      PaddysClone: 4al gore wk stack 9 for roads

      Paddy departs the Senate

      PaddysClone: looks like I left...
      theViking: again?
      PaddysClone: Bifrost new spears name = ???
      theViking: Home Guard
      PaddysClone: 4Bifrost new spears name = Home Guard
      PaddysClone: fortify
      theViking: yes
      PaddysClone: 4Home Guard Fort
      PaddysClone: Lang D 4-1 fort
      PaddysClone: 4Lang D 4-1 fort
      PaddysClone: 4Nick 4-1 fort
      PaddysClone: 4Amigo 2
      PaddysClone: 4Oct x upgrades
      theViking: I have lost Amigo
      PaddysClone: he was 8 of Bifrost
      PaddysClone: moved into Bifrost
      PaddysClone: any good?
      theViking: found him ok
      PaddysClone: new spears name = Merrick and Rosso, then moves 1-2-2... heading to Bifrost
      PaddysClone: ??
      theViking: ok
      PaddysClone: 4new spears name = Merrick and Rosso, then moves 1-2-2... heading to Bifrost
      PaddysClone: Madrid Express 9-9-9?
      PaddysClone: get a shot of madrid now, and a closer look next turn
      theViking: 9-8 skip
      PaddysClone: ok
      PaddysClone: 4Madrid Express 9-8 skip
      theViking: just incase
      PaddysClone: es
      PaddysClone: yes
      PaddysClone: so close...
      theViking: yeah
      PaddysClone: new Galley in Valhalla name = Orm II ??, then moves 9-9-9 ???
      theViking: Orm too
      PaddysClone: Orm Too...
      PaddysClone: ok
      PaddysClone: 4new Galley in Valhalla name = Orm Too, then moves 9-9-9
      theViking: 9 9 9
      PaddysClone: 4WelshBG 8-8
      PaddysClone: GEms 9-8-8
      PaddysClone: ??
      theViking: yes
      PaddysClone: 4Gems Ahoy 9-8-8
      PaddysClone: 4TMVals Spears fort
      PaddysClone: thors sickle ??
      theViking: 6 6 6
      PaddysClone: 4Thors Sickle 6-6-6 (The Damien Manouvre)))))
      theViking: 9
      PaddysClone: 2{Judy, get that man a VB, quickly... he's sure gotta thirst...}
      PaddysClone: 9?
      PaddysClone: yes
      theViking: the last 6 din't work
      PaddysClone: 4Thors Sickle 6-6-9
      PaddysClone: well we almost had (The Damien Manouvre)))))
      theViking: :0
      PaddysClone: hahaha
      PaddysClone: 12 Time to search the cities again....
      theViking: Last one for tonight?
      PaddysClone: maybe... are you up for another?
      theViking: OK give me 5
      PaddysClone: it is all good
      theViking: ok I am back
      PaddysClone: hi there
      PaddysClone: do you see anything else
      theViking: no
      PaddysClone: 4Saving
      PaddysClone: uploading the save
      PaddysClone: do you need it?
      theViking: no, I will just leave Orm out in the sea...
      PaddysClone: ok,
      PaddysClone: 4End Turn
      Gurka 17, People of the Valley
      I am of the Horde.


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        TurnChat / Senate Session 24 Part V

        PaddysClone: I stopped the up load
        PaddysClone: 4R&Fire 2
        PaddysClone: Al gore wkrs road???
        theViking: did you see a Spanish galley at NA 8-9
        PaddysClone: yeah all beat up
        theViking: hm..
        PaddysClone: an Elite one, came down the persian egyptian coasts
        theViking: Al gore in to roads, yes
        PaddysClone: 4 Al gore wkrs roads
        PaddysClone: RoV is back in the loop
        PaddysClone: 4Amigo 4-1 fortify
        PaddysClone: 4TBFree & TBLady sit
        PaddysClone: thos sickle is blocked by an egyptian galley
        PaddysClone: can go 9 or 6 then stops
        theViking: 6 and sit ?
        PaddysClone: 4 Thors Sickle 6 Sits
        PaddysClone: PH Comm???
        theViking: 2 3?
        PaddysClone: 4PH Comm WK Stack 2-3
        PaddysClone: Gems 8-9-9
        theViking: ok
        PaddysClone: 4Gems 8-9-9
        PaddysClone: wher do we really want Merrick and Rosso... apart from channel 9
        theViking: SaG
        PaddysClone: cool
        PaddysClone: 4Merrick and Rosso 4-2-2
        PaddysClone: my bad, I was looking at FoG
        PaddysClone: sorry
        theViking: have you moved
        PaddysClone: can we redo that to 2-2-2
        PaddysClone: no I have not3
        PaddysClone: not
        PaddysClone: 4Merrick and Rosso 2-2-2
        theViking: then its not to late
        PaddysClone: fixed, thanks
        PaddysClone: Octavians Slave, all by them selves, shall we get them on to raods for RoV as well
        WIA_Home_at_LAST enters the Senate
        theViking: hi wia
        PaddysClone: hello
        theViking: we will need roads everywhere
        PaddysClone: cool,
        PaddysClone: 4oct slave 7
        PaddysClone: 4WBGuards 7
        PaddysClone: 4Octavian X 2-2-4
        PaddysClone: bobs worker stack ???
        theViking: 4?
        PaddysClone: yes
        PaddysClone: 4bobs worker stack 4
        PaddysClone: The Mad Express???
        theViking: 6-9-pic-4
        WIA_Home_at_LAST: Hello!
        theViking: hi
        PaddysClone: or 6-9-pic-7
        PaddysClone: hi
        theViking: ok
        PaddysClone: 4The Mad Express 6-9-pic-7
        theViking: pikeman!
        PaddysClone: yep Pikemen...
        PaddysClone: Orm Too 9-8-7 ???
        PaddysClone: Orm Too 9-8-8 i mean
        PaddysClone: or 8 sit
        theViking: do we need her for transport of trups?
        theViking: troops
        PaddysClone: ahh
        PaddysClone: she is stronger than Gems
        theViking: could send her to Fog
        PaddysClone: if we take her and add the new one in Thors hammer we will have 6 for the invasion,
        that gets 12 units into Persia on one hit...
        PaddysClone: what would she do in FoG
        theViking: move troops to Tyre
        PaddysClone: ahh
        PaddysClone: ok then
        PaddysClone: do you think that 10 is a good number for the persian invasion...
        PaddysClone: I was thinking that2 stacks of 6 units would be a strong force
        theViking: into Gordium?
        PaddysClone: yes, one to attack, one to block attck from susa,
        PaddysClone: or
        PaddysClone: 1 for gordium and 1 for susa attacks...
        PaddysClone: FoG is good though
        theViking: I am not sure Gordium just grow to 10, the must have some defense there
        PaddysClone: WIA... are you there
        PaddysClone: what do you mean by: I am not sure Gordium just grow to 10
        PaddysClone: ???
        WIA_Home_at_LAST: Hmm?
        WIA_Home_at_LAST: 1AM still trying to catch up on all the save downloads I missed in 10 days.
        theViking: I am nut sure 10 sward is enough
        theViking: sword
        PaddysClone: ok
        theViking: and nut should be not
        PaddysClone: that is you are not sure 10 swords is enough for the attack on Gordium???
        PaddysClone: we would have a second wave as well
        theViking: yes I think that was what I tried to say
        PaddysClone: so yes lets send the ORM TOO to FoG
        PaddysClone: ok
        PaddysClone: The attack will be debated on the threads anyway...
        theViking: ok
        PaddysClone: 4ORM TOO 1-1-2
        PaddysClone: 12time to search the cities again...
        PaddysClone: RB, will it revolt with the coming growth???
        theViking: wf 2 to tax man?
        PaddysClone: yes
        PaddysClone: 4RB wf 2 to tax man
        PaddysClone: Nuclear Master the Swordsman in Togas Town, can we send him out to scout the dark
        PaddysClone: Togas has walls and two spears
        theViking: yes why not
        PaddysClone: cool
        PaddysClone: 4 Nuclear Master the Swordsman in Togas Town moves 2
        theViking: Ok, I have to stop now, see you next time.
        PaddysClone: Yeah Tyre will be a good assett
        PaddysClone: thanks for the session
        PaddysClone: have a great night
        theViking: Thanks to you too.

        theViking departs the Senate

        PaddysClone: 4Saving
        PaddysClone: 12 session is closed
        Gurka 17, People of the Valley
        I am of the Horde.