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    Peace at Last!

    Persia Signs Peace Treaty, War is Over.

    Government sources have confirmed the rumour that that we have signed a peace treaty with Persia, thus ending the bitter war between our nations that has gone on for so long. The war, started by Persia in an aggressive bid to dominate the region, had eventually stalemated, as Persian invasions were quickly annhilated soon after landing. The same sources also informed the Bugle that the Persians were convinced to sign a treaty in exchange for knowledge of Polytheism. While the Persians posed no dire, immediate threat to our nation, the war was a drain on our economy and ending it was worth the trade, said several high up government officials. While we may not be officially at war, we can count on Persia trying to prevent our settlement of the nearby lands. Unless Persia drops its imperialist ambitions, future conflicts aren't out of the picture. More info on the treaty can be found here.
    -Donal Graeme, editor

    Major Trade Deal signed with Apolyton's Neighbors

    The chief of Staff for Vice President Kloreep has told the staff of the Berserker Bugle that in a recent series of trade negotiations the Viking people have gained knowledge of three new amazing technologies: Mathematics, Code of Laws, and Horseback Riding. Horseback Riding has explained to us how it is wised to ride the horses themselves, rather than a chariot they pull. Of course, the lack of horses anywhere on our fair isle makes this knowledge unimportant at this time. Mathematics has opened a whole new world for our scholars, letting us render abstract ideas into concrete, easily understandable form. This will let us build new machines of war, including what some have called catapult, which is a machine that can fling a stone the weight of a man hundreds upon hundreds of paces. The possibilities for new advancements from this are endless. And code of laws will help us establish a unified legal structure, which should make governing our nation easier, especially as it grows, and keep corruption down. Also gained were maps of the territories of our neighbors, as well as much gold. All in all, a trade well done. We at the Berserker Bugle would like to extend our congratulations on a job well done.
    -Donal Graeme, editor

    A Whole New World Opens up for Apolyton

    The recent trades conducted by the government have enabled us to acquire details maps of the surrounding nations. For the first time, we know as much about the geography of our neighbors as they do. Its appears the Egypt, Spain and Persia, the only other countries known to us, all originate from islands roughly our size. A copy of the map can be found Here. It appears that Spain has recently founded a city on the island to the south of us. This has dire consequences for the future of our nation, as that island has considerable economic and military interest for our nation. The land and resources would enable us to found several new cities, and the Spanish possession of a city would give them a launching off point for future attacks against our nation. Our relations with Spain are good right now, but as the war with Persia showed, trusting our neighbors to be peaceful may be too much to ask for.
    -Donal Graeme, editor

    Debate Sparks over Planned City

    The outfitting of new settlers bound for the island south of our nation was completed recently. However, their intended destination is a matter of open debate. Everyone agrees that they should be sent to the island south of us, but questions arise over the exact place to found the city. The question is whether to found it on the coast, with the commerical and fishing opportunities that allows, to deeper inland, where more resources can be found. Current public opinion leans toward building a coastal city. Those seeking more infor on the debate can look here.
    -Donal Graeme, editor

    Settlers Ready for Expedition

    “The Great Southern Island Settler Expedition”

    Today the people of Valhalla celebrated the completion of “The Great Southern Island Settler Expedition”. President Makahlua made quite a rousing speech on the great expansionist ways of the Viking people, and how we are looking into the future with such new settlements.

    Representatives traveled from all over the land to see this great day, and they were not let down. The celebrations went long into the night, with a parade, bar-b-ques and some good ol’ beer drinking competitions.

    Raising such an Expedition is not a task to be taken lightly, through many hard years of toil, sacrifice and grim determination, the “Settler Expedition” is finally set to depart. The cost of raising such a group is also counted in gold, which our Treasury people are also looking to recoup in the coming years.

    With the forming of this “Settler Expedition”, there has been a dramatic lose of Valhalla population size. It is hoped that this will be replenished within 10 of the great cycles. This has also left a hole in the contributions that Valhalla is able to contribute to the overall economy of the nation. A Treasury representative was quick to assure me that the positive affects far out way any of the negative effects that have been raised throughout the last years.

    There is great excitement in the air, a new land to be conquered. Our people’s plans for the expansion of our nation are on track. The Expeditions tasks will be to found a new township, open up new grazing, irrigation and mining sites. They will be really living the frontier lifestyle, a long way from the warrior units that our main cities have at their disposal.

    Which route these hardy folk will travel is being held as a state secret, but we can confidently tell you that one of our mighty galleys will be called upon to transport these souls to the new land. There is something symbolic in a new settlement of Viking people going out in our galleys, traveling the great sea lanes to new lands, conquering those that come before them.

    Long have the discussions been as to where the Expedition would settle, and as this story goes to print, the final location is still being debated throughout the land. Although we do know that the authorities are down to a placement of two locations, which are centered on the opposite bay to the Spanish settlement of Jaen.

    I had hoped to have a statement from the “Ugh-Ooh-Ack” party on sharing the new land with the Spanish; unfortunately the “Ugh-Ooh-Ack” party representative was not available for comment, having won his seventh Beer sculling competition for the evening. It is known to this reporter that there are members of the Expedition affiliated to the party, and that they have been vocal in their support of the parties’ stance on war. We hope to bring further details on this issue at a later date.

    For now, it is with pride that we stand here and watch these remarkable people prepare for their last days in this land of the fair.

    Long Live the Viking People.

    - Paddy the Scot, writer for the Bugle
    Last edited by Donal Graeme; October 28, 2003, 18:38.
    2nd Minister of the Economy in the 1st Apolytonia Civ 3 Democracy Game.
    Founder and editor of the Berserker Bugle

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    Nice!!! Thanks for the contributions Donal.


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      I was just doing a quiclk Term II Directory before starting a Term III one and saw this for the first time. Well done Donal! I hope to write something for this for the next paper if it is still going.

      Back to the ROOTS of addiction. My first missed poll!


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        I hope to write something for this for the next paper if it is still going.
        You mean you are interested in writing for the Bugle? I would be delighted to have you on the team, the more people the better. I have been fairly lucky in that I can write the editions have the various turnchats/threads, but in the future may not be able to for a couple of days. Having other people to help write and post the Bugle would be truly appreciated. Paddy the Scot is already writing, so one or two more writers would be swell. And an artist who could design a logo would be really nice.
        2nd Minister of the Economy in the 1st Apolytonia Civ 3 Democracy Game.
        Founder and editor of the Berserker Bugle


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