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    Since the palace was upgraded for the first time in this chat and there was a short discussion on what to upgrade, I couldn't help but steal Shiber's idea from the first SPDG
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    Thank you for the entertaining way of showing the new "dump", I mean Palace.


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      Yikes! Look at how big a head Kloreep's got!

      I hope he doesn't breathe in too quickly or we may lose our Prez..............


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        Our palace barely deserves to rate a mention...
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          I vote for replacing the cave with a one story house next.
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          AI: I sure wish Jon would hurry up and complete his turn, he's been at it for over 1,200,000 milliseconds now.


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            Originally posted by joncnunn
            I vote for replacing the cave with a one story house next.
            Roman Style.


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              well if we choose to go down the path of Rome, may we still be here at the turn of time....

              aghhh leave their cities in ruins....
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