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    On the Civfanatics forum I've been building a database of city lists for new and old civs. This is probably thewrong forum, but I wasn't able to post it on the files forum so I'll post it here until they move it.

    There are 5 text files in the zip file. They are:

    File 1

    Here are the improved lists for all the original default and PTW civs except Korea

    File 2

    Additional European civs - Version 07
    Here are city lists for new European civs. It now contains:

    Europe - by Calgacus
    EU - by Calgacus

    Austria - by Nahuixtelotzin
    Belgium - by philippe
    the British - by Parsifal
    the Britons (i.e. the Brythonic people) - by Shaitan
    Byzantium - by Calgacus
    Cornwall (English) - by Sa~Craig
    Dacia - by Thamis
    Denmark - by Lasse Birk Olesen
    Etruria - by Thamis
    Finland - by Ana
    Gallia (Gaul) - by Thamis
    Germanic Tribes - by Thamis
    Goths - by Calgacus & Thamis
    Hungary by abbamouse
    Hungary 2 by bombshoo
    the (ancient) Iberians - Thamis
    Ireland (Celtified) - Celtic Bhoy
    Italy by Jbearlt
    Liechtenstein - by Sa~Craig
    Lithuania - by Luca Brasi
    Minoan Crete - by Ad Hominem
    the Netherlands - by Calgacus & Otooo
    Norway - by Athelstane
    Poland - by Calgacus
    Portugal - by Calgacus
    the Scots - by Calgacus
    the Scots (Celtified) - by Calgacus
    Scythia - by Thamis & Kryten
    Serbia - Luca Brasi
    the Slavs (outside former USSR) - by Calgacus
    Sweden - by Omnimower
    Swizerland by bombshoo
    Ukraine - by Luca Brasi
    Ukraine (Ukrainian version) - by Ukrneal

    File 3

    Additional new european civs - version 3
    Here are European new world civs, currently including:

    Afrikaner - by Tweedledum
    Argentina - by Curswine
    Australia - by pesoloco
    California - by Plexus
    Canada - by erikmistal
    Mexico - by pesoloco
    Mexico 2 by Wheel Gator
    Mormons/Utah - by Napoleon Hitler
    Newfoundland - by VinCaiden
    N.America by Procifica
    Texas - by Napoleon Hitler
    USA - by Wernazuma III of Apolyton

    File 4

    New Native Civs - Version 5
    Here are city lists for native civs in America, Australasia and Africa.
    Currently, it only includes:

    Inca - by Calgacus
    Maya - by Nahuixtelotzin
    Native North America - by ???
    Maya (Native) - by Discovery One
    Nunavut - by abbamouse
    Sioux - by GEChallenger

    Ethiopians (Pan -Sub-Saharan-Africa) - by Calgacus
    Kush/Nubia - by Piyankhi
    Mali - by abbamouse
    Shona - by Sa~Craig
    Songhai - by Wheel Gator

    Aboriginal Australia - by Calgacus
    Hawaii - by Embryodead
    Polynesia - by Calgacus
    Polynesians 2 by embryodead

    File 5

    New Asian & Med. Eastern Civs - version 5
    Here are city lists for additional Asian and Mid. Eastern civs, currently it only includes:

    Assyria - by Calgacus, Kargath & Thamis
    Harappa - by abbamouse
    the Hittites - by Calgacus & Thamis
    Israel - by IceBlaZe
    Java - by abbamouse
    Lydia - by Thamis
    Morocco - by abbamouse
    Phoenicia - by Thamis
    Siam - by Plexus
    Sinhala - by Plexus
    Troy - by Thamis
    Saudi Arabia - by Ahmad
    (modern) Vietnam - by Wheel Gator


    Alternatively, you can get the lists and contribute at the civfanatics forum on the civ city list thread there.

    Hope you guys here find them useful. Fell free to post new city lists and comment on those already there.


    (BTW, the first bombs are hitting Baghdad as I write this - according to the live TV that is)
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    Onondaga (Onondaga)
    Oneida (Oneida)
    Teyagon (at Toronto) (Seneca)
    Ganaraske (at Port Hope) (Cayuga)
    Akwesasne (=Saint Regis) (Mohawk)
    Canienga (Canienga=Mohawk)
    Ogdensburgh (=Oswegatchie) (Onondaga / Oneida)
    Caughnawaga (Mohawk)
    Cattaraugus (Seneca)
    Kente (Cayuga)

    Gandesetaiagon (=Oshawa) (Seneca)
    Tiohero (Cayuga)
    Niagara Falls (Neutral / Tuscarora)
    Tonawanda (Seneca)
    Owego (Cayuga)
    Kanagaro (Mohawk)
    Opolopong (Oneida)
    Grand River (Seneca)
    Deseroken (Onondaga)
    Allegany (Seneca)

    Salamanca (=Bucktooth) (Seneca)
    Tuscarora (Tuscarora)
    Saratoga (Mohawk)
    Geneseo (Seneca)
    Chondote (Cayuga)
    Tyendinaga (=Brantville) (Mohawk)
    Tueadasso (Onondaga)
    Buckaloon (Seneca)
    Onnontare (Cayuga)
    Skohare (Mohawk)

    Catherine's Town (Seneca)
    Ganogeh (Cayuga)
    Lac des Deux Montagnes (=Oka) (Mohawk)
    Skannayutenate (Cayuga)
    Oriska (Oneida)
    Canajoharie (Mohawk)
    Oil Springs (Seneca)
    Gannentaha (Onondaga)
    Buffalo Creek (Seneca)
    Neodakheat (Cayuga)

    Cowassalong (Oneida)
    Union Springs (Cayuga)
    Venango (Seneca)
    Nowadaga (Mohawk)
    Chemung (Seneca)
    Osquake (Mohawk)
    Cittenango (Oneida)
    Gadoquat (Onondaga)
    Onnahee (Seneca)
    Mingo Town (Iroquois)
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      Ribannah, can you comment on your list, i.e. on the brackets, on its necessity, etc.


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        The text in brackets is just additional info giving alternative names / location for some towns and telling which of the tribes lived there. Not part of the city names.

        Onondaga always was, and still is, the capital of the League. It is the location of the councils and the place where the sacred wampum belts were kept (and are kept again, the ones that could be recovered).

        The order of the other towns can probably be improved, that would require some further research.
        A horse! A horse! Mingapulco for a horse! Someone must give chase to Brave Sir Robin and get those missing flags ...
        Project Lead of Might and Magic Tribute