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  • New cool Civ (literally)

    Perhaps you've noticed that with the exception of Russia, Civ has never had a good civ from the polar regions. I think perhaps the Aleuts, or even including the Vikings again, would be good ideas. Aleut UU could be a sled-mounted warrior (can you think of something better?) and Vikings could get a replacement for galleys.

    Yes, I am aware than Scandinavia has returned in PtW, but consider the Aleuts.

    On the other end, few civs are located in the deserts, when many successful civs have started there. For instance, how about an eastern african civ? There's always been lots of room between Egypt and Zululand. Also, the Aboriginies (sorry if that's spelled wrong) would fit the bill nicely. The UUs wouldn't be too hard to find.

    If you have ideas for other civs, post them here. (As if that wasn't already obvious)

    Pardon me if my rants made me sound like an idiot.
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    Yes, everyone wants a South American Civ. I do want another African Civ, but what else is there? How about the Eskimos. An improved galley- canoe with better attack. I want some sort of Austrailian Civ even just for geographic puposes.


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      No need for a South american civ.... South america is not populated, besides, all that matters is Europe and Asia and North america....
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        I don't think that Aleuts exactly had a vast, glorious empire there. Or Eskimos for that matter. It would be only for the curiosity, just like suggesting the addition of Polynesians into game to have a different, island-hopping civ.

        On the other hand, South America is still in need for a civ or two. Let's hope that a new poll discussing this appears eventually.


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          Originally posted by Nuclear Winter
          No need for a South american civ.... South america is not populated, besides, all that matters is Europe and Asia and North america....
          Common Americans at least know what Brazil is. Which can´t be said about Czech rep. :-)

          And to the topic: There should definitely be a polar civ and that will be the Poles. Yeah this sounds as a joke. but believe me, one "smart" american guy at Civfanatics really thought that Poles live on poles and so voted for them as new civ!!! :-))


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            Definitely in need of a South American civ.

            I have suggested a Latin American civ, with Simon Bolivar as leader and a nasty guerrilla-type or napoleonic-cavalry unit. It would be religious and either commerical or industrious

            Brazil should also be included. UU would be Carnaval Samba Dancer which would cause an instant culture-flip on any city it enters!
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              leader of Argentina could be Natalia Oreiro :-)


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                Hell no! She's Uruguayan!