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    Please don't mess with religion again
    I will never understand why some people on Apolyton find you so clever. You're predictable, mundane, and a google-whore and the most observant of us all know this. Your battles of "wits" rely on obscurity and whenever you fail to find something sufficiently obscure, like this, you just act like a 5 year old. Congratulations, molly.

    Asher on molly bloom


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      We want to... coz we don't like putting beakers into "Theology".

      So there.
      Poor silly humans. A temporarily stable pattern of matter and energy stumbles upon self-cognizance for a moment, and suddenly it thinks the whole universe was created for its benefit. -- mbelleroff


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        You know, old Babylon is in modern-day Iraq. It's maybe ten miles either north or south of Baghdad, I forget which.
        Whew! I'm back and ready to start writing again.
        Coming soon: Pax America Redux (Including concepts/civs from Conquests)


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          Originally posted by ranskaldan

          During that time, most of the states that were Christian, top-down, were also very underdeveloped, disorganized, and poor. Especially the ones closer to the west.

          Just a note.
          That can be said about western christian Europe, true.
          But not about Byzantines on the other side; Muslims aren't responsible for the wealth and cultural supremacy of Middle East in Middle Ages. They inherited it all.
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          Middle East!


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            Well I don't agree with you, Heresson.
            While Curch in Europe was burning almost everyone on fire for witchcraft and exercising Bartholomews nights, Halifat was entering Renaissance.
            Where do you think words like Algebra come from?
            On the other hand could you give us an example of early Muslim era people burning scientists on fire like they did in Europe??

            Speaking of Byzantines their iconoclasm developed under heavy influence of Islamic monotheism, which doesn't make any allowances to worship pictures and icons.

            But, anyway, here is one question - who do you guess first started religious wars?

            You would be amazed to know that these were started by Judaic priests against Greek occupation. Maccabeans or who that was I forgot.