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    badams, can you update the first post with the new AU course?
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      Ok NM I am not sure where this should go or even if you care about it. I have complied the results from the 4th ploy tourney.

      I will post them here and if either you or MarkG can use it to update the results thread, I think it would be great.

      I like to see those results and I appreciate the efforts others have taken to play and post. I included Nathans run, even though it was after the fact as I don't see any issues with that.

      Some of them may not be exactly as intended if I had to play out a turn or two to get an ending, as I made no effort to be smooth, just get it over.

      BazMachine Space 2010AD 1999
      Carcajou Space 2039AD 1300
      Conqueror Space 2001AD 1993
      dmjohnson Space 2047AD 1493
      Duncan Idaho Space 2031AD 1980
      Eflin Soth Conquest 2048AD 2964
      GhostQ Space 1992AD 1620
      gus smedstad Space 1960AD 2132
      kalani Lost 2050AD 1140
      kapapj UN 1942AD 2016
      Klem UN 1902 2083
      Koro Domination 1976AD 2498
      la fayette Domination 1991AD 2913
      nbarclay Space 1880AD 2485
      pfremont Domination 1850AD 3846
      Santa Cruz Tim Lost 2050AD 1008
      Sirian Conqust 1892AD 2314
      White Elk Conquest 1990AD 2377

      Couple of names mistyped, corrected.


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        I have complied the results from the 5th ploy tourney.

        7EA Conquest 1341AD 4352
        Achnor Space 1974AD 3004
        Be Quicker UN 1792AD 2746
        Bloodaxe Hist 2050AD 1900
        Carcajou UN 1961AD 2585
        Chemical Ollie 2008 3008
        D.K. Conquest 1325AD 4361
        Conqueror Cultural 1924AD 2840
        DrSpike could not get the vote
        Duncan Idaho Space 1888AD 2954
        Eflin Soth Domination 1150AD 5404
        elric Cultural 2041AD 1784
        Flight Hist 2050AD 1777
        Ghengis Brom Lost 2050AD 1541
        godinex UN 1960AD 2307
        gus smedstad Conquest 1410AD 4316
        kalani Cultural 1955AD 2900
        kapapj Cultural 2000AD 2781
        Koro Domination 1932AD 2902
        La fayette Space 1944AD 2873
        LaMoe Cultural 1999AD 1841
        Master Dre Domination 2017AD 3390
        matohl Hist 2050AD 2500
        mengo76 Cultural 1965AD 541
        mirrorball Hist 2050AD 3000
        mogon Hist 2050AD 4252
        Ney Hist 2050AD 2079
        pfremont Conquest 1420AD 4060
        philler Conquest 1762AD 3610
        Sirian Domination 1120AD 5385
        solo Space 1850AD 1994
        White Elk Conquest 1625AD 3573
        Xanathon Space 2012AD 1500
        Zirak Domination 1675AD 3853


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          On the DrSpike game, he posted he won by vote. I went around and gave everything I could find to all possible voters (non Russian) and got one vote plus his own. Cathy had two as well.

          I gave Hammy about 10 techs and cash, but no dice. That was as much as I was willing to play with it.

          The save was with a palace prebuild, so it was not even as ready to go as possible.


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            I don't know why the last (6th) tourney did not have results posted as Bloodaxe tabulated them.

            AeroPrinz, Domination, 1275AD, 5166pts
            Aleric, Diplomatic, 1991AD, 707pts
            BillChin, Domination, 1808AD, 4071pts
            Bloodaxe, Domination, 1932AD, 3821 pts
            Carcajou, Space race, 1946AD, 2415 pts
            Jedisloth, Space race, 2023AD, 2741pts
            La Feyette, Space race, 1898AD, 2016pts
            Master Dré, Space race, 2050AD, 3515pts
            Mirrorball, Space race, 1990AD, 3215 pts
            Mogon, Domination, 2036AD, 4868 pts
            nbarclay, Space race, 1852AD, 3062 pts
            Pavement1strad, Cultural, 1986AD, 3724 pts
            Renso, Cultural, 1956AD, 3558pts
            Saykor. Space race, 2049AD, 3098pts
            Solo, Cultural, 1968AD, 1658 pts
            White Elk, Domination, 1816AD, 3492 pts


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              will there be another tourney?
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                I think some regard the AU as a replacement for them. I any event, I don't have the answer.

                I do want to thank Gramphos for posting the results in the 4th - 6th.


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                  After the official Apolyton tournaments stopped showing up, a few of us tried to keep them going for a while. But at the same time, the "mini-tourney" games that were the precursor of Apolyton University started showing up with their less competitive spirit. After a very brief period of coexistence, we ended up dropping the unoffficial Apolyton tournaments because those, plus the mini-tourney/Apolyton University games, plus the CivFanatics GOTMs, seemed a bit much. The same factors that argued against keeping truly competitive games going here at Apolyton would also argue against bringing them back.


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                    Updates, por favor???

                    I think I'm gonna go back and play MT 1!!
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                      Should I post a new thread like this so I can easily update it?


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                        badams has been away from poly since april last year...

                        alternatively, an admin could change the 1st post to your ownership so you can modify it?
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                        - Atheism is a nonprophet organization.