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    Originally posted by Elephant
    I've only experimented in 2.4.2, and MapMaking is a necessary condition, while Attitude can be interdependent with other conditions. My experience is that AI will always trade maps if Worshipful, sometimes if Enthusiastic, and rarely if Cordial, but if my Reputation is Spotless and I have an Embassy or Marco Polo (or UN) then Enthusiastic becomes "always" and Cordial becomes "sometimes". Alliance may also influence this too, but I have not experimented with this much. I dont think I have ever seen first contact with other civs being higher than Receptive, so there is always some tech-gifting involved in getting them up to these levels.
    I've had Enthusiastic map swaps, too, usually after getting an alliance. But usually, if I have the extra tech, I'll just gift it to get to Worshipful. I mean, I've already given them 2-4 techs, what's one more

    In passing, in my last game I requested a gift from my allies and was given 1150 g! Considering I was much higher on the PG, is that normal?
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      Perhaps you were much lower in gold? It seems they get miserly when you've already got a significant treasury. I was under the impression that they did not gift if you were higher in PG (something Solo said a while back), but have not done my own research on that. What was the other civs Attitude, and what were both of your treasuries before the gift? Also, was your Reputation Spotless?