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  • Early disaster challenge

    I downloaded scouse-gits cv-b4000 save game to try it. I had just built a settler in my palace city and founded a second city when two barb archers landed on a nearby hill. My defending horseman lost the battle, and I lost my city with it's palace. I might have considered giving up, but I saved the game instead and continued. If you want a real challenge, try to recover from that. I have since done reasonably well, but probably can't conquer the world which is my objective. I lost almost all of the wonders that I normally build, and it forced me to play differently. For those of you who accept the challenge, I have attached the save game. The objective is to get as much score as you can. The game is deity on 2.42 so all can try it.
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    I really am sympathetic :smirk: honest :smirk:

    I shall give it a try, but it will have to go behind several other games I have stacked up ... nt least this one ...
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      I hope to get finished tomorrow (was willing to launch a SS, but just reread your post and noticed that you asked us to conquer the world).
      Anyway, you are right: it takes some time and some care to recover from the awful starting position .
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        Malinalco, last Aztec city left, conquered in 1919.
        Game over. CV, noble leader of the Carthaginians, rules the world.

        This game was fun, since starting with one city and no capital is quite a challenge. I wasn't authorized to build a capital before 1700 AD (I shall start a thread to ask about that, since I don't know how it works), so I chose to build courthouses in every city in order to master the very high degree of corruption and waste.

        Much too late to get any early wonder (the first one I managed to grasp was Mike). IIRC I didn't build any more than Mike, JSB, Isaac, Magellan and Hoover.

        Endless war against the Russians. Short war against the Zulus.
        About one half of the world conquered before 1900 and the discovery of Robotics. Then howies + transports = piece of cake.
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          Needless to say I switched to commie ASAP (my friends, the vet spies, did a tremendous job long before I got howies).
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            I got to 1900 with a nice civ of 11 million pop. It looked too tedious to continue. You can build a palace if you have masonry. I researched masonry first, and was close to completing a palace by 650 bc. After that, it was expansion as usual, but without the usual wonders.


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              Originally posted by geofelt
              You can build a palace if you have masonry
              LOL@La Fayette!!!
              How did I manage to forget that?
              I might just as well have played the whole game as a 'no capital' challenge.
              Anyway, I have a savegame in 1900: 37 cities, 410 shields/turn,
              73 techs (including Robotics), 12 580 000 citizens.
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                La Fayette, with your new experience winning with a cripplingly corrupt kingdom, you could dig up the "Delenda Sunt" thread and try to set the Celts record with no gov't change. En garde!

                (le marquis wondering if one of his few records will fall...)
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