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    Having read Samson's post about size 4 OCC I decided to have as he suggested with a size 1 city. Anyone who wants a go can get it here. I saved it as a scenario since I had to change the specials from a random map to gold and wine. Choose the Enochlophobians and go NE. I managed to land in 1900 but had a little knowledge of the map around the meridian. I'll post the log later.

    have fun,

    "One day your life is going to flash before your eyes, make sure it is worth watching."

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    Oh, that tops it (however temporary). Congratulations. BTW, was Darwins really necessary, or did you just have nothing else to do?

    One more thing, nice name: Midgit .
    I don't have much to say 'cause I won't be here long.


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      Well I guess I knew it was possible but i didn't expect such quick results. Heck i just posted on how i thought it would be possible like 2 days ago. I wonder if it being a scenario will put doubt on the validity of this acheivement. I don't know what the dif is from scenario to normal but i think the turns are dif are they not. Congrats anyways on a good game. Did you mine the city b4 settling and put it on the gold as I suggested?
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        Yep, I mined the gold and put my city there, it was slightly closer to the other civs and had better defense. Its a bit easier as a scenario since I believe you can research any available tech. This was 2.42 BTW, extracted 12500g from the AI.

        Loner the Mad 29%.

        Research was takng about 6 turns when I built Darwin's and I wanted to get to Automobile quicker.
        "One day your life is going to flash before your eyes, make sure it is worth watching."
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        "One day your life is going to flash before your eyes, make sure it is worth watching."


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          Give us the highlights, if not the log.

          BTW, I started a size1 game myself. Random map using a gold mine and river city square.
          I goofed around expecting to find it was impossible, but did well enough
          to convince myself otherwise.

          Two specials on a small map (faster research). That's the ticket.



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            The big difference with scenarios vs regular save is the tech path.In scenarios you can research directly without having to "fill in"
            ie Monarchy needs Burial,alpha and laws.But you need 1 other.Not so in a scenario.Some of us have gotten a little spoiled by the directness of some of the fortnights.
            The only thing that matters to me in a MP game is getting a good ally.Nothing else is as important.......Xin Yu


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              OK Here's the log.

              Only 6 civs started. I guess the computer couldn't find anywhere to put the purples. Orange civ got taken out early too (twice before it couldn't restart). Got down to a tech every 4 turns a best. Had to give away all techs up to and including Fusion Power to get enough money together.


              Monarchy -2550
              Republic -125
              Democracy 860

              Colossus 120
              Copernicus -475
              Shakespeare N/A
              Newton 540
              Darwin 1460
              Apollo 1856

              Route 1 -825
              Route 2 -775
              Route 3 -700

              Trade - -1750 45
              Construction - -675 73
              Sanitation - 1861 261
              Refrigeration - N/A N/A
              Automobile - 1754 202
              Computers - 1820 235
              Space Flight - 1855 255
              Landing - 1900 300

              Gold Acquired
              Trade Routes - 2971
              Tribute - 12500
              Barb Leaders - 150
              Huts - 25

              Huts Tipped - 9

              -3950 25g (h)
              -3650 Midget founded.
              -3600 Carthaginians destroyed by Celts.
              -3500 Alphabet
              -3450 Warrior
              -3300 Ceremonial Burial
              -3150 Warrior
              -3100 Code of Laws
              -3050 Tech -> Aztecs, alliance 50g.
              -3000 Warrior
              -2850 N-Horseman (h)
              -2700 Currency (h). Horseback Riding (h).
              -2650 Techs -> Japanese, peace.
              -2600 N-Horseman (h).
              -2550 Monarchy.
              -2500 Trade for Writing, Masonry, Pottery with A. Revolution. Trade for Mysticism and
              The Wheel with J.
              -2450 Monarchy established. Library. Tech -> A.
              -2300 Barbs (h). Warriors kld by barbs.
              -2100 Diplomat
              -1850 Polytheism (h). Trade for Warrior Code with J.
              -1800 Diplomat.
              -1750 Trade. N-Archers (h).
              -1500 Barbs (h).
              -1450 Silk Caravan.
              -1400 Techs -> A, J.
              -1350 Techs -> Celts, peace.
              -1150 Trade for Seafaring and Map Making with Germans, give techs, maps alliance 50g.
              -1100 Techs -> J, maps. Trade for iron Working with Celts, give tech, maps. Techs -> A
              maps, 50g. Disband warriors.
              -1050 Silver Caravan.
              -950 Beads Caravan.
              -875 Mathematics.
              -825 Silk -> Osaka 96g.
              -800 Tech -> A, G 25g.
              -775 Silver -> Osaka 205g (dem).
              -750 Astronomy.
              -700 Beads -> Teotihuacan 84g.
              -675 Trade for Construction with J. Tech -> A, G 25g.
              -625 Trade for Literacy wth C, alliance 200g.
              -575 Tech -> J. Techs -> C, J, G 100g, A.
              -475 Copernicus's Obs. N-Horse kld by Barbs.
              -400 Coal Caravan. Greeks destroyed by G.
              -375 Philosophy -> University.
              -275 Coal -> Teotihuacan 92g. Road to Aztecs finished.
              -250 University built.
              -200 Tech -> A 75g, G 100g, C 100g.
              -175 Silk Caravan, Republic.
              -150 Revolution. Disband Warriors.
              -125 Republic established.
              -100 Tech -> G, 50g.
              40 Theory of Gravity.
              60 Tech -> G.
              80 Tech -> A 150g, C 50g. Silk -> Osaka (dem) 346g.
              100 Banking.
              120 Colossus
              160 Trade for Bridge Building with A, give tech.
              240 Engineering.
              320 Tech -> G, 100g.
              340 Trade for Feudalism with C, give tech 50g.
              400 Invention. Tech -> A 100g, C.
              440 J declare war.
              460 Tech -> J, cease-fire.
              480 Tech -> A, C.
              540 Isaac Newton's College. Tech every 6 turns. 26 arrows, 5 shields, 126 beakers @80%
              560 Democracy.
              660 Trade for Navigation with A, give tech 25g.
              680 Tech -> C get medicine. 50g G.
              700 Physics.
              840 Tech -> A, 100g. Revolution. Road to Japan completed. Tech -> C, 200g.
              860 5 turns per tech @100%. Silver Caravan. Democracy established.
              880 Trade for Gunpowder with A, give tech.
              940 Gold Caravan.
              960 Railroad.
              1020 Silver -> Osaka (dem) 170g. J declare war.
              1040 Industrialisation. Tech -> C 200g, G 50g, A 50g. Barbs pillage mine.
              1180 Metallurgy.
              1280 Magnetism.
              1300 Techs -> G 50g.
              1380 Trade for Economics with C 200g.
              1400 Electricity. Techs -> A 75g.
              1420 Techs -> J, peace.
              1440 Disband diplomat.
              1460 Darwin's Voyage -> The Corporation, Electronics. 50g G. 50g A. 200g C. 100g
              C again.
              1540 Steel. Trade for Conscription with G 50g. 100g A.
              1560 Gold -> Carmarthen (dem) 196g.
              1570 Trade for Chemistry with A, 100g.
              1580 Tech -> G, C.
              1590 Refining.
              1600 100g C. 50g G. 100g A.
              1610 Gold Freight.
              1630 Bribe Barb Crusaders 82g. Barb Leader 150g.
              1640 Bribe Barb Crusaders (none) 82g. Disband Crusaders.
              1650 100g A.
              1660 Gold -> Tenochtitlan (dem) 264g.
              1670 200g C. 50g G.
              1700 Combustion.
              1710 Trade for Atomic Theory with Celts 200g. 50g G.
              1740 Techs -> J.
              1754 Automobile.
              1758 Superhighways, tech every 4 turns.
              1760 200g C. 50g G. 50g A.
              1762 Gold Freight. 100g A.
              1764 Mass Production. Trade for Chivalry with G 50g.
              1766 Gold -> Tenochtitlan (dem) 476g.
              1768 200g C. 50g G.
              1770 Nuclear Fission.
              1774 200g C, 50g G.
              1780 Leadership. 200g C, 50g G, 50g A.
              1786 200g C, 50g G.
              1790 Tactics.
              1792 Gold Freight. 200g C, 50g G, 50g A.
              1794 100g A.
              1798 Gold -> Tenochtitlan (dem) 396g. 150g C, 50g G.
              1800 Machine Tools.
              1804 150g C, 50g G.
              1808 Trade for Flight with J, give tech. Tech -> A, G, C.
              1810 Miniaturisaton. 150g C, 50g G, 50g A.
              1812 Tech -> J.
              1814 200g C, 50g G.
              1818 200g C, 50g G, 50g A.
              1820 Computers.
              1822 Research lab. tech every 4 turns 368 beakers @ 100%. 200g C, 50g G.
              1826 Gold Freight. 100g C, 50g G. Tech -> A, 100g. Tech -> A, 100g again.
              Gold -> Tenochtitlan (dem) 246g.
              1828 Radio. Tech -> C, G.
              1830 100g C, 100g G.
              1834 100g C, 50g G.
              1836 Advanced Flight.
              1838 150g C, 100g G. Tech -> A.
              1842 100g C, 50g G, 50g A.
              1844 Rocketry.
              1846 100g C, 50g G, 50g A.
              1850 150g C, 50g G, 50g A.
              1851 Nuclear Power.
              1852 Gold Freight. 150g C, 50g G, 50g A. Gold -> Tenochtitlan (dem) 300g.
              1854 100g C, 50g G.
              1855 Space Flight.
              1856 Apollo Program. Tech -> C, G 50g. 18 Freight, 3512g. 7 shields.
              1857 Tech -> C 150g, G 50g, A 100g.
              1857-71 Struct #1-#15
              1858 Tech -> C 150g, G 50g, A 100g.
              1859 Tech -> C 50g, G 50g, A 100g.
              1860 Plastics. Tech -> C 50g, G 50g, A 100g.
              1861 Declare war on J 600g, from G. Tech -> C 100g, G Sanitation, A 100g.
              1862 Tech -> C 50g, G 50g,A 100g.
              1863 Tech -> C Communism, G 50g, A 100g.
              1864 Tech -> C Monotheism, G 50g, A 50g.
              1865 The Laser. Tech -> C 150g, G 50g, A 50g.
              1866 Tech -> C Mobile Warfare, G Guerilla Warfare, A 50g.
              1867 Tech -> C Genetic Engineering, G 50g, A 100g.
              1868 C cancel alliance, tech -> G 50g, A 100g.
              1869 Germans cancel alliance, tech -> A 50g.
              1870 Superconductor. Tech -> A Theology.
              1871 Tech -> A 50g.
              1872 Tech -> A 100g. Component #1
              1873 Module #1. Tech -> A 50g.
              1874 Module #2. Tech -> A 50g.
              1875 Module #3. Tech -> A 50g.
              1876 Fusion Power. Component #2. Tech -> A 50g, C alliance 75g, G peace.
              Disband N-Settlers.
              1877 Component #3. A cancel alliance, tech -> C. Disband N-Horse, Diplomat. Sell
              1878 Sell Research Lab.
              1879 Component #4. Launch 15-2-2-1-1-1 eta 1900. (Ran out of money for extra components - 8g, library
              and N-Archers is all I have left).
              1882 Sell Library.
              1883 City Walls.
              1885 Barracks.
              1887 Tech -> J cease-fire.
              1889 Alpine Troops.
              1892 Alpine Troops.
              1899 SAM Missile Battery.
              1900 Arrival at AC. Score 224, 20%, Mad.

              Edit: Missed a couple things.

              "One day your life is going to flash before your eyes, make sure it is worth watching."
              [This message has been edited by EOL (edited April 19, 2001).]
              "One day your life is going to flash before your eyes, make sure it is worth watching."


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                Ok, this is it. We need Civ 3!!!!!!!!!!


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                  EOL - That was an amazing game and a fine achievement. You managed your trade very capably. I'm just thinking how much those Gold freights to Tenochtitlan would have brought in with a larger city!
                  Another Civ2 frontier pushed back.


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                    Awesome! I'm gobsmacked!

                    Scouse Git[1] --

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                    "Our words are backed by empty wine bottles! - SG(2)
                    "One of our Scouse Gits is missing." - -Jrabbit


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                      Congratulations, I can hardly believe you did this! Step forward the guy who said that OCC was impossible...

                      This weekend I really have to try this OCC thing.
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                        Thanks SG's, I don't think there is a huge amount of micromanagement to this game since you basically have to run at max science just about all the time and luxuries are useless. I don't think there's any point in delivering caravans with non-demanded goods after your first 3 routes are down (unless it causes a change in commodity next time) since you get much less gold than it costs to rush-build them. I wouldn't fancy trying it using MGE though. You really need the tribute to build the caravans when you only generate 7 shields (after railroad).


                        "One day your life is going to flash before your eyes, make sure it is worth watching."
                        "One day your life is going to flash before your eyes, make sure it is worth watching."


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                          Now in GL - thanks EOL
                          The SGs in Grenache Shiraz
                          "Our words are backed by empty wine bottles! - SG(2)
                          "One of our Scouse Gits is missing." - -Jrabbit


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                            Nice job, EOL! It is time for Civ III, now that this has been done!


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                              The new posters are doubting your accomplishments. If anybody has a savegame of a size 1 OCC, please post it to back me up. Post it here.