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    Congrats! Personally, I never got such a high score... I think the highest rate I ever got was in the lower hundreds, definitely below 500%... but then, I never played for success, I always played for fun.


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      I concur with Scouse Gits and optimus2861's assessment of the powergraph. I too have had some miraculous looking climbs on my powergraphs, especially in the later years. Another interesting thing on rixxe's "cheated" graph. The gains by the English roughly equal the losses of the French, Mongols, Persians, Zulus, ... It looks more like a Perfectionist turning to global conquest than a cheated win. It also seems the English saved one or two Aztec cities to keep the game going while they racked up their score and/or launched a spaceship.

      p.s. love the word "Lebensraum"


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        OK, I believe it is time that I install civ again and get some screenshots. I'll get some more details of the game too ... I'll be back shortly.


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          Okay I also agree that sudden climbs of the power graph can be for authentic reasons, such as Leos or other wonders changing someones game focus. Sometimes in a game everything just clicks together at one time. But noone has answered my earlier question:

          "Both the top one on this site's HOF (at around 2200%) and the one on the HOF of the site mentioned by smash above(at 1400%) seem to have the winning civ totally come down to zero and then years later ressurect themselves."

          Just download (in the first case) or look at (in the second case) the power graphs for both of these. This is not a case of a sudden rise in power. These civs actually seem to disappear for a number of year and then reappear. Once again I ask the question how is this done?


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            Two thoughts:

            Of course, it is child's play to save a game, cheat to get vital information, and then reload with no cheat notation. Or save a game, tap a hut, then reload to get a different random result. You can cheat by using the tedious free-food-caravan trick, or put airbases on hills to increase food supply. There's no way to verify anyone's solo play score. One just hopes that people won't get much satisfaction out of seeing their cheat score posted, and that real high scorers won't be overly put out by others' scores.

            Regarding the power graph, it's entirely typical of most of my games. Around 1500 I go republic, expanding my population explosively, and get exactly what you see there.


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              I noticed that I can't paste pictures in the message. Can anybody tell me how you inserted the pictures of the PG's ?


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                Originally posted by debeest on 03-28-2001 12:39 AM
                You can cheat by using the tedious free-food-caravan trick, or put airbases on hills to increase food supply.

                While I think most people would agree that airbases on hills is a cheat...
                What's wrong with food caravans? They are a legitimate built in feature.
                Keep on Civin'
                RIP rah, Tony Bogey & Baron O


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                  I certainly agree with you Ming, from a gameplay of view. From a more "reality" view however, this trick does create food out of nothing, which gives me the feeling that it is sort of a cheat. I would appreciate that in civ 3, a more realistic feature would be implemented to recreate the effect of food caravans to boost your cities up to a higher level than possible from farming the land (I believe this will be certainly possile in the real world within a couple of decades : creating food out of water molecules or something alike). At the same time it should be feature that requires some work to maintain, not as much as with food caravans, but it should not be a simple tech upgrade.


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                    Smilo, you can insert pictures by typing (img)url(/img), using square brackets instead of round brackets and replacing url with the url to your picture (you must have uploaded your picture to a website first).