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    Towards the end of the game, when playing as an Expansionist, I may have many cities, and have reduced the other civilizations to just a few cities. In this case, I might want to use the City Advisors. However, how good is their advice, how dependable can they be to let them govern your cities? When is it good to let the Civilian Advisor, Military Advisor, or Both govern a city's production, or is their advice usually not the best? I am playing ToT Original Game, and I find that their advice makes sense to my situation a little over half the time, but sometimes, I go with something else that seems better. Thanks.

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    From the file civ2readme.txt:


    Customizing the Domestic Advisor's City Improvement Picks
    You may customize the domestic advisor's city improvement picks for
    the autobuild if you wish. Create a file in your Civ2 directory
    called CITYPREF.TXT. The first line should be:


    Each succeeding line contains the name of a city improvement in the
    order you want to build them. You don't have to list every city
    improvement, but each improvement must be spelled -exactly- as it is
    in RULES.TXT (foreign language versions use the exact spelling from
    RULES.FRE or RULES.GER as appropriate). Domestic advisor will then
    choose improvements from this list provided technology is available and
    city is otherwise eligible to build them. If nothing on list is available,
    advisor resorts to his normal algorithm.

    The military advisor will make his picks as usual. However, you can order
    him never to build "defensive" type units by inserting the line @NODEFEND
    at the beginning or end of the CITYPREF.TXT file (don't put it between
    the @AUTOBUILD line and the list of improvements).

    An example file below:


    The file is re-read every time you click the "AUTO" button on the "What
    shall we build?" menu, so if you wish you can alter your priorities over
    the course of a game without reloading.

    I've used this in version 2.42; I assume it still works in ToT.