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  • SEC: Super Engineer City

    I was playing a ICS-Perfectionist hybrid game when I realized that I had fallen into pure perfectionism. I had a huge empire, with lots of Engineers, but no new cities were being built. Between the subcontinents and various corners to be filled, I was never going to get all the available territory occupied by the end of the game. At that point, I could have switched all my cities over to Engineer production, a move that might have resulted in pollution and riots in many places. Instead, I called on one of my oldest cities to carry the load by itself. I call this the Super Engineer City because the option is not available immediately in the game. Also, Super Settler City would have a confusing acronym.

    Government: Democracy or Republic
    City Size: Greater than the available squares to be worked; usually 20+
    City Production: 40+
    City is celebrating

    Usually, the first thing to do is get your SEC happy. In my case, it had just become happy; it only lacked the Supermarket to continue growth. So 2 turns later I was ready. I switched over to "permanent" Engineer production. Every year, my SEC grew 1 size from the celebration, and shrunk 1 size from the building of the Engineer. Therefore, size remained constant. All I needed to do was make sure there was excess food each turn and at least 40 shields going towards production. If the building of the Engineer made either of these things no longer true, I had to make sure the new Engineer was homed in a different city before the end of the turn, or had built a new city with itself. If the city's growth potential was greater than 2 from new farmland, I switched over to a Structural or Freight for 2 turns and then back.

    It is recommended, though not absolutely necessary, that the fluctuation in city size that occurs each new turn affects only the Elvises. If it affects the actual workers in the field, different squares could end up being worked, resulting in disruption of food, happiness, or production. The idea is to leave as little micromanaging as possible, although you still have to pick a new home city for the new Engineer a lot of the time.

    Even if a city is completely maxed in population, it can become an SEC. The city will shrink in size equal to every Engineer you keep homed in the SEC, plus one for the new Engineer being built each turn.

    The expansion under this plan is not exponential, but it is a very steep straight line. Also, unlike the SSC, you can have as many SECs as there are available city candidates. I ended up using two. I don't recommend making your SSC into an SEC; you want as many Einsteins as possible there.

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    Nice trick, Gastrifitis! Btw, is it possible to keep a city celebrating just using Elves? (plurar Elvis??) It could be useful keep just your SEC's celebrating and keeping overall luxury-% down.


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      Originally posted by Marko Polo on 03-22-2001 08:13 AM
      Is it possible to keep a city celebrating just using Elves? (plurar Elvis??)

      I'm not sure I would try that with an SEC, because it could get unstable with the city size fluctuating. But at a city size of around 35, it might be possible. I usually end up with a Luxury rate of only 10-20% anyway, which doesn't drag on my economy too much and gives me a warning about cities that will riot soon.

      Just what are you saying about Elvis?


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        This is a great trick that I've used since the original Civ I. What I do to help out is have an eng that needs a new home spend time irrigating that new home so it can continue supporting more. I will also sometimes find a good "food support" city and give it a supermarket and max farmland, and home new ones there. It is possible for the SEC to celebrate with 10% lux with a trade special, superhighways, at least a bank, and good trade routes (may need courthouse or CFC).
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          Like it, like it.

          My current game just coming out of early phase but I have one or two candidates for an SEC. Can't wait to try it.