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I love railroad-Part II: Art of War

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  • I love railroad-Part II: Art of War

    Railroad is very usefull. If an enemy get this technology, it will not be a problem for you : it will be a throan horse deeply introduced in its territory.

    The main error of IA is to build massive railroad areas around each cities and connect them (they are generaly too close ...) without protecting the access...

    You can easly exploit this error.

    Generaly enemy city in front of yours are seriously defended. But far enemy cities are not.

    So take some big military units and one diplomate, or a caravan, or a spy, what you want that ignore enemy zone.

    Now enter in its railroad network. always move your diplomate first and your armies after. So your armie will not be blocked by enemy zone. and you can merely attack every enemy cities in one turn (blood and guts) ... espacially far and low defended cities.

    Zobo Ze Warrior
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    Yeah, this is pretty standard stuff. You can also use engineers to build your own railways to the AI's cities!
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      Comps are morons when it comes to exploiting RR. They general don't build them outside their borders.

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        This is one tech I have no problem giving the enemy when they demand it.

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          Originally posted by Gothmog on 03-12-2001 06:44 AM
          This is one tech I have no problem giving the enemy when they demand it.

          Well, I always give this tech as a gift to every civ immediately I have got this one. It seem to be quite high in AI's wish list of techs so it's easy to give away.