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Does CivII reflect Business Strategy?

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  • Does CivII reflect Business Strategy?

    I'm currently studying Business Strategy at degree level, and am battling with the concept of whether or not Civ II reflects the strategies adopted by today's corporations. There are obvious historical links with ancient militia and the process with which organisations form their stategies, but to what extent are the business strategies adopted connected to those of CII? Any thoughts on the topic, or relevant databases etc. would be absolutely brilliant. Cheersxx

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      When looking at building city improvements, you have to take a look at the possible return on your investment
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        to follow up on ming, you have to choose the best ROI investment(IE deal with opportunity cost of capital), taking into account benefits net of operating costs.

        and JUST LIKE IN BUSINESS, a truly accurate ROI must reflect the role of the investment in the chosen strategy. Thus the ROI on a marketplace is far higher if i expect to get Adams fairly soon. OTOH, i cant count on getting Adams if Im going to have another WOW needing shields at around the same time. Similarly, libraries are much less valuable if im planning on going fundie and stealing all the techs i need.

        so take our example of the marketplace above, its much like the tussle between finance/accounting types and marketing/strategy types. the finance guy says the ROI is no good. The marketing guy shows how under certain strategic assumptions, the benefits are greater/ the op costs lower than the finance guy says. The finance guy, if he is smart, explores more fully the assumptions and questions whether the strat will really be implemented - in Civ terms, your marketplace makes sense IF you build Adams, but will you really build Adams? Given everything else likely to be happening at the time.
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          Every form of strategy mimics another in one way or another.
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            Thanks everybody, much appreciated. I've just gotta write 3000 words on it now!


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              The ROI is affect by the "you can't take it with you" factor. Gold, while very useful durring the game, does not add to victory points at the end.

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