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To Paul and other OCC players

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  • To Paul and other OCC players

    I am going to try the OCC. Congratulations on your idea and your guide Paul it's very complete.

    Just one question before I give it a go. How long is it «acceptable - wantable» (according to your experience) to search for the city site? Are specials a top priority? And if I don't find any special square how long should I keep searching for it?

    And one more thing: my limited english let me understand that when I find a 3 square city radious most of the times there is a forth also?


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    That depends on what you get from huts and other civs. If you can get enough science and gold from huts and trading/tribute/gifts you can get decent lanuch times even if you wait until after 3000 BC, but I usually consider 3000 BC as a cut-off point.

    If your city site has 3 specials there can be a 4th. If the square that should be a special is grassland you can mine it to forest to find out if there really is one.


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      Paitkis22, a site with 3 specialties but some river squares and ocean access is often preferable to an inland site with 4 specialties but no rivers or some mountains. Even a site with only two specialties but lots of river squares is fine for your city.

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        Just a quick point of clarification, if I dare try and follow our two Dutch super-specialists, for OCC you want trade specials (coal for example is nearly useless in OCC) in particular!
        For your first game you might like to try one of the comparison games in the Paulicy or one of the early 'fortnight' games - they all have easily found excellant starting points.
        Good luck,

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          Thanks guys and girl!

          I hope I'll have the time to try it tommorow, although after many postponements I've promised my girlfriend, after some other business, to go to the theater this Saturday. Damn I'd prefere I build Shakespeare's instead. (I'd better not reveil this to her she'll freak out..!)

          P.S. LOL rah, a nomadic monarchy! Never crossed my mind!


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            paiktis22, if you wander for a while and find an advanced government tech from a hut, remember to revolt even if you haven't built a city.

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              Originally posted by rah on 02-09-2001 12:32 PM
              paiktis22, if you wander for a while and find an advanced government tech from a hut, remember to revolt even if you haven't built a city.

              what about a nomadic republic? would it be that great? playing on deity, it could become your early death