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Peaceful Indians my A**!

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  • Peaceful Indians my A**!

    So I'm playing an OCC game on a large map in ToT. I get Space Flight in 1889 and start my little spaceship. The Carthaganians start theirs around 1898 and the Indians (whom I am Allied with) start around 1901. In 1914 the Indians launch with an ETA of 1929. I launch 1 year later with an ETA of 1935 and the Carthaganians launch in 1917 with an ETA of 1933. I figure, game over, but lets see if the other AI's (who are all busy making their own SS) will help me out by attacking the Indians. In 1919, the Indians announce that our little Alliance is hearby terminated. In 1921 hear comes an Indian stealth bomber, a howitzer, and 3 tanks. Needless to say my SS returned to Earth with lots of partisans taking to the hills. Who knew Ghandi was a closet warmonger?

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    Oh man, that's almost exactly my last OCC game, except it was my gracious allies the Mongols who brought out the Stealth bombers. What were we thinking? Never, never, trust the purples!

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