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  • OCC on Large map (ToT)

    Since reading about OCC a month or so ago, I've played nothing but this type of game. I discovered the Paulicy after about 3 or 4 games. WOW! What a difference. Blew away my idea of thinking you HAD to have GL out of the water. I play Deity, Large, Random, Restless, Roman on ToT with no alterations to game files. It has been my observation that this gives the AI way too much free time to become HUGE and therefore less tolerant of a meaningless 1 city CIV with hardly any defense, and outdated to boot. I give away money & techs but this doesn't help. Generally, the more aggressive CIVs will take my money and techs then sneak attack and destroy my city in a turn or two. I switched to a normal map and cruised to a 20-part head-start to my Spaceship (the other CIV's still haven't started.) I just ordered the MPG Gold (so I can actually play MP games) and when it arrives I will see if the same situations hold true.
    Has anyone else discovered this or is it the fact I am playing ToT and most other players seem not to be?

    Kudos to the developers of this great OCC idea!

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    Here's a link.

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    I also started with ToT first, and remember the AI to be more belligerent and treacherous, than in MGE, which I now prefer. Iíve also read comments from users of 2.4.2, who prefer it to MGE for the same reason. I think that for later versions of Civ II, intimidation works better than being friendly.

    I totally concur about OCC. What a great way to play and learn new things about the game! The regular game was becoming a bit tedious and time-consuming.

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