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how old is everyone? just wonderin

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  • how old is everyone? just wonderin

    im 14. i was wonderin how old some of u are
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    There's an Age FAQ for this sort of thing in the Apolyton Forum -

    Post there.

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      I'm 30, soon 31...

      And no, I'm by far not the oldest!

      I posted a similar thread in the general forum a while back, think we averaged 32 or 33 years back then.



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        I'm older than Carolus
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          i'm pretty young. how young? let's just say under 25
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            My real age is in the FAQ,
            My charactor's (Lefty's)is 2528 years.

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              You are all a bunch of young wippersnappers
              Keep on Civin'
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                Ming is a young whippersnapper


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                  nah Ming is old which is why he doens't RTS BTW both my cousin and i are 29....... he is 12 days older than i
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                    Last time I looked I was about third or fourth oldest at 53 ...
                    Good civin'

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                      You've dropped to seventh, SG, so you need to try harder. Try burning the candle at both ends for a while or maybe tackle another "A is for alphabet" - that will add to the venerability and (I bet) age you a year or two at the same time.

                      Sometimes I check a poster's age from the FAQ before responding to some comment posted on the OT - and can you get a shock! Some of the kids who post here are frighteningly mature for their declared years.

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                        I'm the 38,907th youngest!


                        "Our words are backed by empty wine bottles! - SG(2)
                        "One of our Scouse Gits is missing." - -Jrabbit


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                          I'm the second youngest Apolytoner at 12. I claimed to be the youngest on the FAQ and then someone PMed me saying he was 12 days younger.

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                            I post this before having a look at FAQ, since I'm afraid I'm not far from being #1 at the wrong end:
                            jcarkey, I salute you.
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                              I am 14 but in 1 Mars I will be 15.
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