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Any tips for Island civs?

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    Don't agree, Smash. Horse must keep control of the sea at all times. Look at your own point. Those dips/spies have got to be in boats and if Horse commands the sea he has a chance to intercept them.

    Agree, though, that this is mere defence. An offensive strategy is also vital and that must be conducted on land.

    Might turn out to be kind of your neighbour, in a way, to build Magellan's for you. You have probably needed such shields as you've got for caravan building.

    Depending on where he put it you might make that city your primary target. If it's also his capital and it's coastal then getting that city after a succesful bombardment (hope its got city walls), then immediately expanding the beach head with two or three diplos bribing his next best cities might see you convert sea power to dominance in a very few moves.

    If your arrows have given you a tech lead, that is, and made you rich.

    By the by, don't those one square island cities just grow! Sometimes I establish one early and next time I look the thing is outstripping my capital in population.


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      Hmmm... since you probably have a lot of trade from ocean squares, I recommend getting a lot of cash and getting developed quickly, w/ harbors, coastal fortresses, and city walls. If he currently has naval superiority, and you don't have a lot of production, use boarding parties: stash a diplomat or two on a caravel or frigate and wait in your city. When AI ships come near, dash out of the city, bribe the ships, and quickly dash back into your city with your new navy. I use this quite often at sea, these "boarding vessels" can be quite valuable if you are low on production!
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        Thanks for all the advice to date, which I think has been interesting to others as well as helpful to me. Since I moved my capital offshore I feel much more secure and this civ is an interesting case study in maritime strategy and trade. I'm at peace with the big civ and I have a strat but unfortunately I can't share with it you because my fellow players in the game also read here.

        One of the greatest things about this game is you are always learning something. One thing I'm learning in this game is the value of Ocean squares for trade, and also of harbors for the development of that trade. Fortunately I also have lots of whales squares - my favorite special

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          Are you able to hit the Magellans city from your current bridgehead on the island?

          I agree that it needs to be your primary military target if it is feasable.

          Are you finding any good whales out there or mainly just fish. I would worry mostly about support shields for your Navy.

          Where are you and others as far as techs go? Any allies?
          Perhaps you can agree with your ally to make a combined strike at the Big civ at the same time. Maybe you get Magellans and he gets the Capital. Just a pre-emptive strike to put the Big Civ in his place.