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    I know this is a strategy board, but is there somewhere where there is a list of records. I'm particualrily interested in earliest date to win by conquest deity/large map/7 civs and earliest date to AC deity/large map/7 civs. A record book might be an interesting chapter or appendix to the Great Library.

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    too tired to find the threads, but i know arii landed in like 1076 AD, using a varied ICS strat i believe.


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      Two fairly recent posts indicated very early conquests due to barb assistance. Maybe pre-3800 or two turns in. As to AC, I've seen posts in the last few months relating wins around 1100 AD. Paul appears to be the fast win record maker according to the more senior posters. GL could reflect this, if someone wanted to make the effort to solicit input and make a list. Are you into that, DD?
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        I believe the 3800bc was on a small world where most of the civs didn't even start. I'm curious about a large world with 7 civs so you actually have to play the game to win it. My personal record under these conditions for conquest is 1830ad which I'm sure isn't that great. I'm in the middle of one now that I might finish by 1750 or so.
        I would be interested in compiling a record list with input from others. We would need to consider what records, how to verify, etc. But I do think a record book would be interesting.


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          I was thinking of asking the same things myself. We've heard the bloodlust stories of small and medium maps, but not too much has been said on Deity, large map, 7 civs. I'm starting to challenge myself in this type of conquest game, so , please, the more info the better.
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            The records posted here are mostly on small maps. The fastest to AC on a small map was arii in 1075 AD. I don't know what the large map records are or if there are any at all.


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              In which level ??? Warlord or Emperor...?!? Im sure i can beat 7 civs on a large map before 500AD in warlord. (in deity 5 more turn are required )
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                We need a record book. BTW, I just conquered the world in 3950, because only one other civ started and it got killed by barbs.

                Quite strange.

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                  Originally posted by rixxe on 12-20-2000 05:37 AM
                  In which level ??? Warlord or Emperor...?!? Im sure i can beat 7 civs on a large map before 500AD in warlord. (in deity 5 more turn are required )
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                  I suppose all levels might be of interest to somebody. I was inquiring about Deity/Large/7 civs by both methods - (conquest and AC).


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                    Playing on a Large Map/7 civs/Deity I conquered the world in 1788ad. I know its not great but its the best Ive heard so far under those conditions. Anyone interested in a record book is welcome to email me with suggestions and records at or post them here. If there isn't much interest I guess I'll drop it.

                    We should consider what records we want to include and how to verify them at a minimum. Other suggestions will be appreciated.


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                      The problem with records is (as Jim Bakker says) there is an opportunity for mischief.The record breaker/holder will have to be content with self satisfaction.No matter what,there will always be "whispers in the corner".

                      Not to mention the "randomness"(luck) of this game.The same map can yeild many results.
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                        Another record would be largest population attained. There is a giga-map that can be downloaded (don't remember where though) Might be fun to try it out; try to reach 1 billion!

                        That sure would take a couple of weeks...
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