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Why not a separate forum for OCC?

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  • Why not a separate forum for OCC?

    OCC postings, I think, are mostly interesting to OCC players, and rarely otherwise. It would make a lot of sense to split the strategy forum into: strategy and OCC. (And then I could more easily find strategy postings without consciously skipping over OCC items.)

    What do you think?


    toby robison
    toby robison

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    I thought about the same thing too, but there are two disadvantages to that: 1) we could, at times, lose insightful posts from those who do OCC by not being here. Their expertise with Civ2 benefits all in this Strategy forum. And 2) if one could wade through the logs, there are some good strategies that are useful for all types of Civ2 games, not just OCC.
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      I think OCC is just the "flavor of the month" on the strat boards now. Everything goes in cycles and right now is an OCC uprising.

      If OCC posters (like me) make an effort to keep the number of new threads under control, then we won't bother tobyr and others who don't have interest in this form of play.

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        another thing that may help is if OCC threads contain "OCC" in the title so that it is easier to skip.
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          Interesting Idea... I don't play OOC, but I like to see the results of the people who do when attempting challenges.
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            This was discussed recently and I understand that MarkG thought it would be too much of a chore to split things up. SS's idea is simple and sensible - an OCC prefix would be a quick indicator of content.

            Perceptions of OCC preponderence in this forum are rather subjective I guess. I felt there has really been a thinning down of the OCCer ranks. If we think of the advent of OCC in terms of three generations (a purely arbitrary schema of mine) many of the initial generation like SS are a bit quiet and many have not posted again although we're grateful to Paul for keeping the flag flying. The middle generation who had kept the Fortnighly games very lively and challenging have also thinned. This is one of the reasons for my trying to ascertain the extant interest in my informal survey in the Civ2-general forum.
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              The people posting to the OCC threads tend to be the best posters to the other threads, as well. Therefore, I support keeping the OCC posts here with "OCC" in the title.
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