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  • Silverdragon's short tips thread

    Do you people have any short tips that we could assemble into an intelligent tips thread. The short tips in the short tips section are mostly just people bragging about impossible things such as winning on diety by 3000, and newbies posting not to attack with galleons or engineers.

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    Build Caravans... and then Build MORE Caravans!
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      And when you get Freight, build tons of them and send them around the wrold via Airport.

      Rush to Radio, and using a single city with an airport as a landing point, settle continents quickly!
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        Originally posted by Ming on 10-21-2000 11:38 PM
        Build Caravans... and then Build MORE Caravans!

        And when you've built enough caravans, build some more. Only 60 posts to go.


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          If you get the Statue of Liberty before you get to Industrialisation, you can swap into Fundamentalism for a few turns to get all those shield-hungry factories underway at max production, instead of supporting units.


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            One of the simplest tips is :
            "Don't ignore the power of trade"
            Without trade (workers on trade producing tiles, and delivering caravans), you are handicapping your cashflow, science output and potentially your civilization happiness.

            How about:
            "scan the titles of threads in the strategy forum" (including those older than 10 days, and the archives)?

            There are quite a few specific topic threads as well as some other generic threads (include several singled out in the Apolyton great library thread)

            "Distilled civ tips and notes thread" also could be useful.

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              Establish your own playing style. You'll read lots of contradictory advice here; you have a choice of cloning one of the better-documented styles, or finding out what you're good at and what you enjoy doing. The latter point is important - the game is supposed to be fun, not some dreary tweaking of spreadsheet columns.


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                The best advice I ever received was to stop "reverting", i.e., saving the game, trying something, and reloading the saved game if I didn't like the results. While this doesn't offer a tip on strategy, it does offer a tip on improving skill level. In other words, learn from your mistakes, don't excuse them.

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                  Agreed DaveV! The game is meant to be fun and is fun. One of the reasons I don't play much OCC is that I feel "cheated" with such a short turn!
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