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    Paul got killed?Forgive me but I take a little delight in that

    I had an ok game.It was slower going in the begnning than I thought it was going to be.Got some techs in the wrong order and lost turns here and there when research would change after I hit enter.I hate that.You gift techs till you see 2 turns and it changes to 2 1/2 on the ai's turn.Oh well

    3850-hut-Warrior Code
    3600-hut-Code of Laws
    3500-hut-barb horse-terminated
    3450-warrior-start Collosus
    3300-contact Luxemburg-gift Burial and Warrior-alliance-they are helping to repair my chariot
    3100-size 2
    3050-contact Tibet gift Burial and Warrior-alliance
    2550-contact Seys-trade Bronze for Map-peace-trade Tibet Laws for Horseback-share maps-receive 25-Lux gift 25-trade Seys Laws for Myst-share maps
    2400-gift Myst to Tibet receive 25-trade Lux Myst for Currency-receive 75
    2350-gift Monarchy to Tibet-share maps with all.
    2250-gift Currency to Tibet-receive 25-Monarchy to Lux-
    2200-hut-50 gold
    2150-size 3
    2100-Tibet gifts 50-Lux 50
    1850-trade Seys Currency for The Wheel-trade Lux The Wheeel for Writing
    1700-Trade-gift Wheel to Tibet-receive 50-Lux gifts 50-gift Writing to Seys
    1450-beads caravan-gift Trade to Lux-Trade and Writing to Tibet-trade Seys Trade for Masonary
    1300-beads arrive in Luyxembourg(demanded) 52 bonus
    1250-hides caravan”we love the King”-hut-elephgant-NON
    1100-hides to Luxembourg 32 bonus
    1050-copper caravan
    1000-gift Construction to Tibet receive 100-Construct to Lux receive 50
    950-copper to Luxembourg 32 bonus
    875-disband warrior
    825-trade Lux Masonary for Iron Working-receive 100-gift Mason to Tibet
    750-dye caravan
    725-polar hut barbs-disappear
    625-govt-Republic-gift Republic to Tibet-receive 150-Republic to Lux-receive 50
    600-colliseum-start “we love”-dye arrives in Kingston 112 bonus
    500-trade Lux Lit for Bridge Building-share maps-trade Tibet BB for Feudakism-gift Lit-gfit Construct to Seys
    475-aquaduct-share maps with all
    450-trade Tibet Philosophy for Math-receive 50-gift Phil to Lux
    400-end “we love” size 12-sell colliseum
    375-Astronomy-caravan-Tibet gifts 50-Lux 50
    325-caravan-contact-Eskimos-gfit Iron Construct,Warrior and Republic-peace-share maps
    275-caravan-Tibet gifts 50-Lux 50
    225-caravan-sell temple
    175-Medicine-Cope’s-trade Tibet Astronaomy for Chivalry-receive 50-gift Republic to Seys-trade Luxembourg Math for Pottwery-gift Astronomy-receive 50-trade Eskimos Chiv for Seafaring-gift Philosophy and Math-share maps
    150-contact Jamaica-gift Lit,Trade and Repub-alliance share maps
    125-caravan-Chivalry and Seafaring to Lux-Seafaring to Tibet-Philosophy and Iron to Jamaica-gift all cept Medicine to Seys-share maps-Monarchy and Feudal to Eskimos
    50-Engineering-Monarchy to Jamaica-Engineering to Tibet-receive 50-Lux 50
    25-caravan-Astronomy to Jamaica-Lux gifts 50-Tibet cancels alliance-This sends my trireme and chariot home.They were just about to land in Australia.That is nowhere near Tibet-disband horse
    20-Warrior Code and Bridge to Jamaica-Engineering to Seys and Lux-Engineer and Writing to Eskimos
    80-caravan-Engineering to Jamaica-gift Medicine to the rest
    100-Shake’s-Sanitation gift to all
    120-Horseback to Jamaica-Lux gifts 100
    140-start “we love” size 12
    160-sewer system
    180-Wheel to Jamaica-Lux gfits 100
    220-Lux gifts 100
    320-caravan-end “we love” size 21-heavy tech gifting-Tibet declares war
    340-peace with Tibet-more tech gifting
    400-caravan-gold arrives in Differdange(demanded) 228 bonus
    460-caravan-Lux gifts 75
    540-Sir Ike’s-govt Democracy-Tibet declares war-gift Banking to Lux
    600-Economics-Democracy to Jamaica-Economics and Gravity to Lux-receive 150-Banking and Gravity to Seys
    620-Gunpowder-build university
    640-Lux gifts 150
    660-Chemistry-build bank
    700-Explosives-start “we love” 21-Gunpowder to Jamaica-trade Lux Chemistry for Navigation-Navigation and Gunpowder to Seys-Eskimos declare war
    720-engineer-disband settler
    740-engineer-end “we love” 21-gift GP,Banking and Chemistry to Eskimos-peace
    780-stock exchange-Lux gifts 150
    820-gold caravan-plains>grassland
    860-caravan-Lux gifts 150
    880-Electricity-gold arrives in Differdange(demanded)246 bonus
    940-gold caravan
    1000-Railroad-salt arrives in Sakya(demanded)128 bonus
    1040-Industrialization-gold to Spanish Town 158-dye-158-much tech gifting Lux gifts 50-disband trireme in the feild
    1060-diplomat-start “we love” 21
    1080-The Corporation-Lux gifts 50
    1140-Steel-freight-end “we love” size 24-sell sewer
    1160-sell aquaduct
    1180-Refining-freight-heavy tech gifting-Lux gifts 50
    1220-Mass Production-grass river>forest
    1260-Electronics-trade Lux Mass Product for Leadership
    1380-Machine Tools
    1420-Miniaturization-oil arrives in Sakya 171 bonus
    1440-power plant
    1480-research lab-gift Tactics to Lux-receive 50 gold
    1500-Mobile Warfare
    1510-offshore platform
    1530-manufacturing plant-Jamaica cancels alliance-Lux gifts 75
    1540-Flight-freight-gift Computers to Lux-Computers and Tactics to Jamaica-Conscription and Tactics to Seys and Eskimos
    1580-Advanced Flight-freight
    1610-Lux gifts 150
    1620-Space Flight-grass>forest-Lux cancels alliance
    1680-Atomic Theory
    1710-Nuclear Fission
    1740-Nuclear Power
    1754-The Laser
    1776-Fusion Power-sell research lab
    1778-sell university
    1780-sell stock exchange
    1782-standard ship ready-LAUNCH-gift RR to Tibet-ceasefire
    various units and city defenses
    1797-Arrival AC

    Sir Ike’s-540AD


    Trade Routes

    size 12-400BC
    size 21-320AD

    Space Flight-1620
    The only thing that matters to me in a MP game is getting a good ally.Nothing else is as important.......Xin Yu


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      Oldman, yes, the Luxembourgers were also fighting with the Seychellans and Tibetans in my game. I think I asked them for gifts a bit too often. I guess I should have paid more attention to defense with my neighbours so close by.

      And sorry, but I didn't keep a log the second time. I just wanted to prove to myself that I could finish this game and didn't want to spend all that time writing my log.


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        Ouch, Paul got killed. A moment of silence... I had really lucky huts early on (3 none units), which probably helped me get my early alliances.

        I did a few things differently this game. I added my settler to the city early on to boost the pop to 3. I don't think it hurt as I was still able to get up to size 12 without it.

        I built a trireme early on - it looked to me like an earth map, so I wanted to go visit the Inuit and Jamaicans ASAP.

        I did my 15-1-1-1-1-1 spaceship again, which didn't have any trouble landing at AC. The AIs were pretty advanced in this game (as opposed to occ9), so those 36 years of travel time were busy. I went on the warpath to divert AI production. I commited a true OCC blunder 2 years before I was due to arrive at AC - my finger slipped and I captured an AI city!

        3900BC - archers (hut)
        3850BC - chariot (hut)
        Luxembourgers - alliance
        3700BC - Code of Laws (hut)
        3650BC - found Gibraltar, archers (hut)
        3550BC - Seychellion - Map Making, alliance, share maps
        Luxembourgers - share maps
        3450BC - built warrior
        3400BC - 50 gold (hut)
        3300BC - Tibetans - alliance, share maps
        3250BC - built warrior
        3100BC - add settler to city (now size 3)
        2950BC - built trireme
        2750BC - Monarchy, revolution
        Luxembourgers - Mysticism, Warrior Code, Horseback Riding
        Seychellions - Masonry
        Tibetans - Pottery, 50 gold
        Eskimos - peace, share maps
        2650BC - switched to Monarchy
        2600BC - 25 gold (Tibetans), 100 gold (Seychellions)
        2400BC - 50 gold (Tibetans)
        Fijians - peace, share maps
        2200BC - 50 gold (Seychellions), 25 gold (Luxembourgers)
        2100BC - begin WLTKDs (pop is 4)
        2050BC - 50 gold (Luxembourgers)
        2000BC - built Collosus
        1850BC - 50 gold (Luxembourgers, Seychellions), 25 gold (Tibetans)
        1800BC - Currency (Luxembourgers)
        1750BC - built Marketplace
        1600BC - Trade
        1550BC - built salt caravan, 25 gold (Tibetans), 50 gold (Seychellions),
        1500BC - 50 gold (Luxembourgers)
        1450BC - built Beads caravan
        1400BC - 104 gold (1st trade route - salt to Kingston), 50 gold (Tibetans)
        1350BC - built dye caravan
        Jamaican - Writing, the Wheel, alliance, share maps, 50 gold
        1250BC - Seychellion - Iron Working & 50 gold
        Fijians - Construction
        1200BC - built Library
        1100BC - Literacy, 96 gold (2nd trade route - beads to Differdange)
        1050BC - built Temple, 50 gold (Seychellions)
        1000BC - alliance with Eskimos, war with Fijians
        975BC - 215 gold (3rd trade route - dye to Umnak Island)
        950BC - built Colloseum, Philosophy, The Republic, revolution, 50 gold (Luxembourgers)
        Eskimos - Mathematics, Feudalism
        925BC - switched to The Republic, built Aqueduct
        900BC - begin WLTCD (pop is 5), 25 gold (Jamaicans, Luxembourgers), 50 gold (Tibetans, Seychellion)
        825BC - 25 gold (Jamaicans, Luxembourgers), 50 gold (Tibetans, Seychellions)
        800BC - Engineering (Seychelions)
        725BC - end WLTCDs (pop is 12)
        700BC - built Settler
        675BC - Seafaring, 433 gold (gold caravan to Praslin)
        650BC - built Harbour, 50 gold (Tibetans)
        600BC - Astronomy
        525BC - 50 gold (Tibetans)
        475BC - Bridge Building (Eskimos)
        450BC - 332 gold (copper caravan to Praslin)
        425BC - built Copernicus' Observatory, 50 gold (Tibetans), 125 gold (Seychellions), 75 gold (Luxembourgers)
        300BC - Sanitation
        275BC - 100 gold (Tibetans), 200 gold (Seychellions)
        225BC - 50 gold (Tibetans, Seychellions), sell colosseum
        200BC - built Shakespeare's Theatre, begin WLTCDs (pop is 12), sell temple, disband chariot
        175BC - University, built Sewer System
        150BC - 50 gold (Tibetans), 100 gold (Seychellions)
        125 BC - built University
        75BC - Invention
        50BC - 50 gold (Tibetans), 100 gold (Seychellions)
        1AD - Theory of Gravity
        Luxembourgers - Banking, 50 gold
        20AD - end WLTCDs (pop is 21)
        60AD - Democracy, revolution, switched to Democracy
        80AD - 100 gold (Seychellions)
        100AD - Chemistry
        120AD - 150 gold from Allies
        140AD - Gunpowder
        180AD - Explosives
        Jamaicans - Economics
        250 gold from Allies
        200AD - built Isaac Newton's College
        220AD - Navigation, begin WLTPDs (pop is 21)
        240AD - built Engineer
        260AD - Physics, end WLTPDs (pop is 22)
        Sheychellions - Metallurgy, 150 gold
        280AD - built Bank
        300AD - Magnetism, 150 gold from Allies
        320AD - built Stock Exchange, native uprising (12 units!) oh, oh
        340AD - Electricity
        360AD - built Engineer
        380AD - Refrigeration, Chivalry (Fijians)
        400AD - built Supermarket
        420AD - Leadership, 100 gold from Allies
        440AD - begin WLTPDs (pop is 21)
        460AD - Steam Engine, 300 gold from Allies
        500AD - Railroad, end WLTPDs (pop is 24)
        540AD - Industrialization
        580AD - The Corporation, sell Aqueduct
        600AD - sell sewer system
        620AD - Refining, 299 gold (Dye to Spanish Town), 134 gold (Salt ot Gibraltar)
        640AD - built Darwin's Voyage, Combustion, Steel
        660AD - Automobile
        680AD - built Superhighway
        700AD - Electronics, Atomic Theory (Eskimos), 219 gold (Oil ot Lhasa)
        720AD - disband Settler
        740AD - Conscription
        780AD - Tactics
        820AD - Machine Tools, 428 gold (Dye to Lhasa), 238 gold (Oil to Gyantse)
        840AD - Miniturization
        880AD - Mass Production
        920AD - Computers, built Offshore Platform, 312 gold (Dye to Esch)
        940AD - built Factory, Mobile Warfare (science is maxing out at 1432, not enough for 1 advance per turn)
        980AD - Robotics
        1000AD - built Power Plant
        1020AD - Flight, built Manufacturing Plant
        1060AD - Radio
        1100AD - Advanced Flight, 112 gold (beads to Lhasa)
        1140AD - Rocketry
        1180AD - Space Flight
        1220AD - Apollo Program
        1240AD - Plastics
        1260AD - Nuclear Fission
        1300AD - Nulcear Power
        1360AD - The Laser
        1440AD - Superconductor
        1510AD - Fusion Power
        1560AD - Launch 15-1-1-1-1-1 spaceship, 79% chance of success, arriving in 1596

        build barracks and a bunch of tanks/alpine/stealth fighters

        AIs started to build spaceships, so I declared war and attacked them (the idea is to divert resources from their spaceships).

        oops, in 1588 my government fell to anarchy when I refused to remove troops from seychellion territory. Switched to Communism in 1590

        oops, in 1594 my mouse finger slipped and I captured a Tibetan city! I removed the offending unit, and set all workers to Entertainer (the city was size 3). The Tibetans walked back in their next turn and took 500 gold from my coffers.

        1596AD - Landing

        Sir Ike’s-200AD


        Trade Routes

        size 12-725BC
        size 21-20AD

        Space Flight-1180

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          Well, here is my log. I'm stilll pissed...(no, Oldman. Not drunk. Just mad!)

          deity 2.42

          3850 - Hut, Horsemen; Meet Luxembourg tribe; trade Burial for Map Making; Alliance-no gift
          3650 - Gibraltar founded (50,20)
          3500 - hut, Horsemen
          3450 - Warrior; hut, 25 gold; meet Seychellion, trade Bronze Working for Warrior Code; Peace; no Alliance; no tribute given
          3250 - Warrior
          3200 - Warrior (rush, 19g); barbs atack Differdange
          3150 - Meet Tibetans; trade Warrior Code for HB Riding; Alliance; no gift; Differdange captured by barbs
          3050 - hut, The Wheel
          3000 - trade HB Riding to Luxembourg for Mysticism; trade The Wheel to Tibetans for Iron Working
          2950 - hut, barb Horseman
          2450 - trade Iron Working to Lux for Code of Laws
          2150 - hut, barb Horse
          2100 - Lux ask for us to go to war; No; 50g?; No; Sech ask to trade Masonary; No; they demand trade; No (Need Monarchy 1st)
          1700 - Lux ask to trade Masonary; No; they demand trade; No
          1600 - Discover Monarchy; Revolution!
          1450 - Build Collosus (rush); Govt to Monarchy
          1100 - Build Temple; hut, 2 barb Horsemen
          950 - Request gift from Lux; 50g given; trade Mysticism to Tibetans for Masonry
          900 - Build Barracks (thought I'd have Writing by now!); hut, Horsemen
          875 - sell barracks
          800 - hut, barb Horsemen
          750 - Literacy
          725 - Build Library (rush); trade Writing to Lux for Currency
          625 - Disband Warrior;
          600 - Build Marketplace (rush 88g)
          475 - Build Trireme
          450 - Trireme sank by ?; Trade
          300 - Caravan (silver)
          125 - Caravan (gold); Construction; trade Construction to Tibetans for Poly; trade Construction to Lux for Pottery; trade Trade to Lux for Feudalism; request gift & receive 50g
          100 - Civil Disorder - AHHHH!
          75 - Build Aquaduct (rush 140g)
          60 - Silver caravan to Lhasa (180g)
          80 - Build Colloseum (rush 82g); Literacy
          180 - Caravan (copper)
          220 - Gold caravan to Silhouette (216g); barb Legion land near Gibraltar; Lux destroy Differdange
          260 - Republic; Revolution!
          280 - Caravan (beads)
          300 - Gov't to Rep.; WLTLD begins (7); Copper caravan to Esch (148g); Trade Rebublic to Lux for Bridge B.; request gift from Lux, 50g given
          360 - Eskimos land near Gibraltar; they demand 1000g; given; Peace; trade Republic to Eskimos for Astronomy; trade Bridge B. to Eskimos for Mathematics
          420 - Size 12
          460 - Trade Republic to Seyc. for Chivalry
          500 - Philosophy; Medicine; trade Republic to Tibetans for Engineering; 150g tribute; Lux cancel alliance
          560 - Build Cope's (rush 692g)
          600 - Pikemen (barb Knights near)
          640 - University; Pikemen; disband Warriors (2); Beads caravan to Gyantse (316g)
          660 - Build University (rush 300g)
          700 - Sanitation; 100g tribute from Tibetans; Alliance with Seyc.; 125g tribute
          720 - Build Sewer (rush 204g)
          740 - WLTLD begins
          760 - WLTLD ends
          800 - Banking
          900 - Seafaring
          1000 - Theory of Gravity
          1100 - Invention
          1160 - Build Shake's (rush 276g)
          1180 - WLTLD begins
          1220 - Democracy
          1240 - Harbor (rush 64g); 200g tribute from Tibetans; 150g tribute from Seyc.
          1280 - Build Bank (rush 218g)
          1320 - Revolution!
          1340 - Gov't to Demo
          1380 - City size=21
          1460 - Build Isaac's (rush 1240g)
          1480 - WLTLD ends; Economics
          1500 - Trade Invention to Seyc. for Navigation
          1510 - Gunpowder; Eskimos demand tribute; No; War
          1530 - Caravan (dye); Chemistry
          1550 - Explosives
          1570 - Metallurgy
          1590 - Physics; Sell Temple (forgot)
          1610 - City Walls; Steam Engine
          1630 - Railroad
          1650 - Magnetism
          1660 - Caravan (gold)
          1670 - Electricity
          1690 - Refrigeration
          1700 - Supermarket (rush 94g); Dye Caravan to Gyantse (183g)
          1710 - Industrialization
          1720 - Engineers (rush 20g)
          1730 - Pay 50g to Eskimos for Peace
          1740 - Steel; Gold caravan to Felicite (208g)
          1750 - WLTLD begins
          1754 - Corporation; WLTLD ends (25); Caravan (oil)
          1760 - WLTLD begins; Refining
          1764 - Barb leader captured! 150g
          1766 - WLTLD ends (27); Combustion; 100g tribute from Tibetans; 75g tribute from Seyc.
          1770 - WLTLD begins
          1772 - Automobile
          1774 - Build Darwin's (rush 1040g); Electronics; Mass Production; WLTLD ends (28)
          1778 - Conscription; Trade Railroad to Tibetans for Leadership; 200g tribute
          1784 - Tactics
          1790 - Machine Tools
          1792 - Build Superhighways (rush 240g)
          1796 - Miniaturization; 150g tribute from Seyc.
          1802 - Computers
          1806 - Build Research Lab (rush 200g); Mobile Warfare
          1808 - Sell Sewer
          1810 - Robotics; Sell Aquaduct (Taxes to 90%)
          1814 - Build Offshore Platform (rush 260g)
          1816 - 150g tribute from Seyc.
          1818 - 100g tribute from Tibetans; build Riflemen; disband pikemen (2)
          1820 - Build Mass Transit (rush 280g)
          1824 - Build Factory
          1828 - Build Power Plant (rush 250); (Science to 100%)
          1830 - Flight
          1832 - Build Manufacuring Plant (rush 558g)
          1834 - Caravan (gold)
          1836 - Radio
          1840 - Build Stock Exchange
          1842 - Rocketry; Caravan (beads); Gold caravan to Silhouette (306g); trade advanced flight to tibetans for Espianoge; trade maps
          1844 - Freight (food)
          1846 - Spy; Capitalization starts
          1848 - Rocketry; Beads caravan to Mertet (160g)
          1851 - Space Flight
          1852 - Seyc. steal Space Flight
          1854 - Build Apollo's (rush 1736g); (Taxes to 100%)
          1856 - Structural
          1857 - Structural (rush)
          1858 - Seyc. begin building structurals; Tibetans begin building structurals
          1859 - Structural; Seyc. give Monotheism as tribute
          1860 - Structural (rush)
          1861 - Structural (rush)
          1862 - Alpine Troops
          1863 - Structural (rush)
          1865 - Structural
          1866 - Structural (rush)
          1867 - Spy
          1868 - Structural (rush); sell Colloseum
          1869 - Structural (rush)
          1871 - Structural
          1872 - Structural (rush)
          1873 - Structural (rush)
          1875 - Structural
          1876 - Structural (rush); (Science to 100%)
          1879 - Component; Atomic Theory
          1882 - Component; Nuclear Fission
          1885 - Component; Nuclear Power
          1888 - Component; The Laser
          1891 - Component; Supercomnductor (Taxes to 90%)
          1894 - Component
          1895 - Alpine Troops
          1898 - Module (rush 832g)
          1900 - Module (rush 1048g); (Science TO 100%)
          1903 - Fusion Power; (Taxes to 100%)
          1904 - Module (rush 584g); LAUNCH!
          1905 - Alpine Troops
          1906 - Alpine Troops
          1907 - Alpine Troops
          1908 - Alpine Troops
          1909 - Alpine Troops
          1910 - Alpine Troops
          1911 - Alpine Troops; Tibetans cancel Alliance; Sneak Attack by Tibetans
          1914 - Famine (27)
          1914 - Famine (26)
          1916 - Destroyed!


          Collosus - 1450BC
          Cope’s - 560AD
          Shake’s - 1160AD
          Sir ike’s - 1460AD
          Darwin’s - 1774AD
          Apollo - 1854AD

          Monarchy - 1450BC
          Republic - 300AD
          Democracy - 1340AD

          Trade Routes
          1 - 60AD
          2 - 220AD
          3 - 300AD

          size 12 - 420AD
          size 21 - 1380AD

          Trade - 450BC
          Construction - 125naBC
          Sanitation - 700AD
          Refrigeration - 1690AD
          Automobile - 1772D
          Computers - 1802AD
          Space Flight - 1851AD
          "Three word posts suck!" - me

          "...and I never will play the Wild Rover no more..." - Various


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            Comparison table now available.
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              I need HELP! I played OCC 10 with dismal results. I think I had a strong start, but then my game seems to fall apart. Part of the problem may have been that everyone seemed to be at war, my allies were pretty stingy with gifts, and I had to walk a tightrope to keep from being pulled into world war. My diplomatic strategy was to not get involved as much as possible. When one race asked me to break an alliance or go to war, I'd refuse, then offer science as gifts. Should I perhaps have kept my alliance with the strongest 1 or 2 and done what they asked? Also, I'd really appreciate a critique of my game log. Where am I going wrong?

              Colossus: 1700bc
              Copernicus: 100bc
              Shakespeare’s: nope! (lost to Jamaicans, 200ad)
              Isaac Newton’s: nope! (lost to Seychelles, 1802ad)

              Monarchy: 2450bc
              Republic: 620bc

              1st Trade Route: 625bc
              2nd Trade Route: 400bc
              3rd Trade Route: 50bc

              3750 - hut, chariot
              3700 - Gibraltar founded
              3450 - Met Lux, peace, gift C. Burial, Ally
              3400 - hut, 50g
              3150 - Code of Laws, hut, barb, demolished by my (now) vet chariot
              3000 - Lux gift, 25g
              2900 - Code of Laws, hut, barb, demolished by my vet chariot
              2650 - Met Sey, gave Code of Laws, peace, gift alpha, Ally
              2450 - Monarchy, revolution, monarchy instituted
              2050 - Masonry
              1750 - Met Tib, gave Monarchy, peace
              1700 - Colossus
              1650 - Mysticism
              1450 - hut, currency, map making (gift from Lux)
              1400 - (rush) Temple, war with Tib, 50g gift from Lux (went to war with Tib to retain Lux ally
              1200 - (rush) Marketplace, hut pottery
              1150 - Masonry, Pottery to Sey, Iron Working from Sey (gift)
              1050 - Trade
              875 - Caravan
              825 - Met Fij, several gifts, got ally, construction, map
              775 - Met Jam, gave trade, peace
              725 - Tib, gave trade, cease fire
              625 - trade route (dye), Silhouette, 104g
              400 - trade route (gold), Silhouette, 164g
              225 - Bridge Building (accidentally hit OK for next research, so now I'm researching Chivalry, real helpful, eh? GRRRR!
              50 - trade route (copper), Praslin, 154g
              60 - Sey broke alliance, gave bridge building, then they gifted their "ally" (me) with 300g
              100 - (rush) Copes
              140 - caravan
              160 caravan , Lux gifted 50g
              200 - Jam builds Shakes! :-(
              220 - Writing, City Wall (the world is getting WAY too dangerous)
              300 - Pikeman
              340 - Library
              400 - Literacy
              500 - Coliseum
              540 - Republic, revolution
              620 - Republic
              640 - Aqueduct, We Love...Day
              660 - Pop 7
              680 - Pop 8, Figans are attacking, rush build pike
              700 - Pop 9
              720 - Pop 10
              740 - Pop 11
              820 - Pop 12
              840 - cancel We Love...Day, Philosophy
              1000 - Lux, 50g, wheel
              1020 - Physics
              1100 - University, Engineering
              1180 - Invention
              1260 - Steam Engine
              1300 - Lux 50g
              1360 - Democracy, revolt
              1420 - Democracy
              1500 - Steam Engine (built 4 caravans), Jam traded Sanitation, Chemistry, & Medicine, gifted Polytheism
              1570 - Darwin (had to disband 2 pikes to beat Sey), Economics, Industrialization
              1590 - Legion
              1610 - Legion
              1680 - Sewer, We Love...Day
              1690 - Pop 13 (but 1 unhappy that luxuries won't make content, still no cathedral)
              1700 - Corporation
              1740 - Barbs got my settler :-(
              1750 - Gunpowder
              1762 - Metallurgy
              1772 - Monotheism
              1774 - Cathedral, We Love...Day
              1776 - Pop 14
              1778 - Pop 15
              1780 - Pop 16
              1782 - Pop 17, Factory, Explosives
              1784 - Pop 18
              1786 - We Love cancelled (unhappy)
              1788 - Engineer
              1792 - T. O. Gravity
              1802 - Sey built Ike's
              1802 - Retired


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                Ah, Jamaica... Since I went there last year I miss it so it was a nice surprise to see it here. Too bad you didn't include Greater Portmore, the town where I stayed... Okay, here it goes. It went fairly easy this time, I only got sneak attacked once by the Fijians, three years before landing, but my stealth fighter learned their pathetic ship a lesson

                Collosus - 2000BC
                Cope’s - 350BC
                Shake’s - 225BC
                Sir ike’s - 160AD
                Darwin’s - 600AD
                Apollo - 1380AD

                Monarchy - 2450BC
                Republic - 525BC
                Democracy - 140AD

                Trade Routes
                1 - 800BCD
                2 - 700BC
                3 - 675BC

                size 12 - 325BC
                size 21 - 120AD

                Trade - 1100BC
                Construction - 800BC
                Sanitation - 100BC
                Refrigeration - 500AD
                Automobile - 740AD
                Computers - 1100AD
                Space Flight - 1360AD

                Alpha Centauri - 1695

                3900: hut- horseman
                3850: huts- chariot, archer
                3800: meet Lux's, give Ceremonial Burial, allied. hut- horseman
                3750: hut- horseman
                3650: hut- archer
                3600: hut- 50 gold, Gibraltar founded
                3550: meet Tib's, give Bronze, allied
                3500: hut- Writing
                3350: meet Sey's, allied. hut- barbarian
                3200: huts- archer, Code of Laws
                2950: hut- 100 gold
                2550: hut- Monarchy. Revolution.
                Lux's: trade Mapmaking and Horseback Riding, share maps
                Tib's: trade Wheel, share maps
                Sey's: trade Masonry, Mysticism and Warrior Code, share maps
                2450: Government: Monarchy
                2300: 50 gold in gifts from allies
                2050: share maps with allies
                2000: 50 gold in gifts from allies, Colossus
                1750: hut- archer, 175 gold from allies
                1650: Library
                1600: Currency
                1550: Market Place
                1500: 150 gold from allies
                1450: Trireme
                1400: meet Esk's, give Bronze and Warrior Code, allied, share maps, gift 250 gold
                1250: Diplomat
                1200: meet Fiji's, give 50 gold, Writing, Warrior Code and Mysticism, share maps.
                Tib's: give Mysticism, 175 gold from allies
                1100: Trade, disband Diplomat
                1050: Copper Caravan
                meet de Yahdies dem on Jamrock and dey demand 50 gold from dis farinner. Well, unnoo wants to be dem friends so mi pay up, together with Trade and Warrior Code share maps
                975: Hides Caravan, give Monarchy to Jaican's and Tib's, give Trade to Fiji's and Lux's. Collect 125 gold
                925: Beads Caravan
                850: Hides Caravan
                825: give Masonry to Jaican's and Lux's, Monarchy to Fiji's and Esk's, collect 125 gold
                Copper Caravan to Esch: 84 gold
                800: Construction
                700: Fiji's: give Construction, Beads Caravan to Levuka: 200 gold
                675: Literacy, Dye Caravan, Hides Caravan to Mandeville: 201 gold
                600: Philosophy, Republic, Revolution
                Esk's: trade Mathematics and Iron Working, end alliance
                Jaican's: trade Seafaring and Pottery, give Construction
                Tib's: give Iron, Construction, Mathematics and Republic, gift 50 gold
                Fiji's: give Republic and Philosophy
                Sey's: give Mathematics and Construction, gift 100 gold
                Lux's: give Construction and Republic, gift 50 gold
                525: Government: Republic
                500: WLTCD, size 5
                475: Colosseum
                400: Aquaduct, Dye Caravan to Kingston: 381 gold
                375: Astronomy
                Jaican's: trade Banking, give Ceremonial Burial, share maps
                Tib's: give Philosophy, gift 100 gold
                Sey's: give Seafaring, gift 50 gold
                Lux's: give Philosophy, gift 50 gold
                War with Fiji's and Esk's
                350: Cop's Observatory
                Jaican's: give Wheel
                Hides Caravan to Mandeville: 448 gold
                Size 12, sold Colosseum
                300: End WLTCD, sold temple
                225: Shake's Theatre
                Give all techs to allies and Jaican's, share maps, gifts 50 gold and Polytheism
                Esk's: gave all techs, share maps, allied
                200: Engineering. Sey's 150 gold
                175: Gold Caravan
                125: Beads Caravan
                100: Sanitation
                75: WLTCD, size 12
                Gold Caravan to Umnak Island: 504 gold
                Fiji's: paid 50 gold for cease fire
                Jaican's: allied
                Lux's: give Sanitation
                Esk's: give Engineering
                250 gold from allies
                50: Sewer System, University

                1AD: Harbor, Beads Caravan to Levuka: 522 gold, Jaican's: trade Bridge Building
                20: Theory of Gravity
                40: Copper Caravan
                Fiji's: war, 250 gold from allies
                80: build University
                100: Invention
                120: Copper Caravan to Kingston: 368 gold, size 21
                140: End WLTCD
                Democracy, Revolution, government: Democracy
                Jaican's, Tib's, Sey's: give all techs, share maps, gifts 50 gold
                Esk's: give Invention and Bridge Building
                160: Newton's College, Esk's: give all techs, share maps
                180 Economy
                200: Salt Caravan
                220: Chemistry, WLTPD size 21
                240: Bank
                280: Gunpowder, Dye Caravan
                Jaican's: trade Navigation, Esk's: give Gunpowder, Sey's, Lux's: give Navigation. gifts 250 gold
                Size 24
                300: End WLTPD
                320: Explosives, Stock Exchange
                360: Physics, Engineer
                400: Magnetism, Engineer
                Dye Caravan to Mandeville: 532 gold, Salt Caravan to Mandeville: 266 gold
                Give Gunpowder to Tib's, Sey's and Lux's, give Navigation to Esk's, collect 325 gold
                420: Magnetism
                440: Gold Caravan
                460: Electricity
                500: Refrigeration, give all techs to allies, collect 300 gold
                520: Supermarket
                540: Steam Engine
                580: Railroad
                600: Darwin's, Industrialization, Corporation, disband Trireme, collect 100 gold
                620: Refining, Oil Caravan
                660: Steel
                700: Combustion, Gold Caravan to Prasslin: 238 gold, collect 150 gold
                720: Dye Caravan
                740: Automobile, Lux's: trade Conscription, gift 125 gold
                760: Superhighways
                780: Feudalism
                800: Factory, Oil Caravan to Sakya: 216 gold
                give Industralization to Jaican's, Steam Engine to Sey's. Tib's end alliance. Collect 200 gold
                820: Chivalry
                860: Leadership, WLTPD size 22. Dye Caravan to Lhasa: 422 gold. Paid 100 gold to Fiji's for peace, give Navigation, Industrialization and Conscription
                900: Tactics
                920: End WLTPD size 24
                940: Machine Tools
                960: Dye Caravan
                980: Electronics
                1000: Oil Caravan
                1020: Miniaturization, gave all techs to everyone, collect 200 gold and Monotheism (Big up de Yahdies dem! )
                1040: Offshore Platform
                1060: Mass Production
                1080: Dye Caravan to Lhasa: 426 gold
                1100: Computers
                1120: Research Lab
                1140: Mobile Warfare
                1160: Oil Caravan to Sakya: 235 gold
                1180: Jaican's invent Flight so I don't invent Robotics this turn... I trade Mobile Warfare for Flight, so I win one turn after all
                1200: Robotics
                1240: Radio
                1280: Advanced Flight, Manifacturing Plant
                1320: Rocketry
                1360: Space Flight
                1380: Apollo
                1420: Plastics
                1480: Athomic Theory
                1520: Nuclear Fission
                1550: Nuclear Power
                1580: The Laser
                1590: 15 structures built
                1620: Superconductor
                1650: 6 components built
                1660: sold Manifacturing Plant
                1670: Fusion Power
                1680: 3 modules built, Launch Spaceship
                1682: give Advanced Flight to Lux's
                1683: Stealth, sold Power Plant
                1687: Communism
                1692: Sey's cancel alliance, sneak attack by Fiji's, Jaican's to the rescue. I must have made a good impression last year
                Guerrilla Warfare
                1695: Landing on Alpha Centauri

                Henri VIII the Cruel, score: 272, 35%


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                  One thing I noticed from your log is that you discovered writing in 220 AD. That's really too late. Writing should be your research goal after Monarchy. The first thing I build after Colossus is a library.

                  Check out the OCC Strategy Guide for more OCC strategy.


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                    I got killed in 1856. I was almost done with my spaceship, too I will post the highlights later, although I already have them in bold.
                    4000 went north
                    3950 first settler goes north. I see a four special site,
                    but I can't see the last ocean one until I get a ship.
                    Gibraltar Founded
                    3850 archers from hut, Luxembourgs. Peace
                    Trade Ceremonial Burial for Map Making,
                    no alliance
                    3750 warrior
                    3550 archer from hut, warrior
                    3400 Seychellions, peace, trade alphabet for
                    warrior code
                    3350 Writing from hut
                    3100 Tibetans, give all techs for HB riding,
                    Alliance, share maps
                    2950, Give all techs to luxes for Masonry,
                    share maps
                    2650 Give all techs to Seych. for iron working,
                    alliance, share maps, gift of 75 gold, Give all techs to Tibet, 25 gold gift, give iron to luxes, alliance
                    2250 get the wheel from seych.
                    1950 Colossus
                    1500 Trireme. missing special was a fish!
                    1400 got mysticism from seychelles
                    1200 Fijians found, they evilly declare war on me.
                    1100 Jamaicans, give all techs, alliance, share maps, 25 gift from luxes
                    950 Eskimos, Peace, share maps, gave all techs, library
                    850 Mathematics from tibetans
                    775 Monarchy
                    650 100 gold from luxes
                    625 literacy from seych. 150 gold from tibet
                    575 give all techs to jamaica for trade, pottery, + currency, gift of 50 gold
                    550 give all techs to eskimos for Astronomy and construction
                    425 Seafaring from seych. Give all techs to luxes for polytheism,
                    50 gold gift. 150 gold gift from tibet.
                    300 Cope's Observatory
                    250 50 g from jamaicans
                    150 100 gold from luxes Beads undemanded to luxembourg, 26 gold
                    50 Philosophy and Republic, switch to
                    Gold undemanded to luxembourg, 22 gold
                    Ad 1 temple Begin we love at size 6, 300 gold from Seych
                    Tibetans demanded 155 gold, gave, got 150 back
                    100 gold from jamaica
                    60 oops ended we love because forgot market
                    80 market
                    160 colloseum begin we love
                    200 medicine Feudalism from luxes, gave all techs except medicine, 100 gold
                    Engineering from Seych. Gave them medicine, got 300 gold, gave tibet all techs
                    Except medicine, got 150 gold, gave jamaica all techs except med. Got 50 gold
                    220 caravan
                    260 50 gold from luxes, copper undemanded to lux, 169 gold, end we love at 12
                    300 caravan
                    340 university, caravan
                    380 caravan, 200 from seych, 100 from tibet
                    420 caravan
                    460 caravan
                    500 caravan
                    520 Shake’s
                    560 university, discovered banking, trade university for navigation to seych, 250 gold
                    75 from luxes, gave them all techs except theory of gravity, gave tibetans all techs except gravity, got 100 gold, gave jamaica all techs, eskimos declare war on me
                    600 caravan
                    620 oops I forgot to sell colosseum and temple. Sold colloseum,
                    640 caravan, sold temple
                    660 sanitiation
                    680 caravan
                    700 seych. established a trade route with me. How kind
                    720 caravan
                    740 caravan
                    760 caravan, democracy, revolution
                    780 150 gold from allies
                    800 [b]Ikes[b/], physics
                    900 sewer
                    920 Democracy
                    940 begin we love
                    960 trade physics for economics to jamaica, 475 gold from allies
                    980 bank
                    1020 harbor, magnetism
                    1060 stock market
                    1080 musketeers
                    1100 metallurgy, caravan
                    1140 450 from allies, caravan
                    1180 electricity, caravan, end WLTPD at 23
                    1200 settlers
                    1220 monotheism, 200 gold from seych. for electricity
                    1240 refridgeration, caravan
                    1260 caravan, gave eskimos all techs for bridge building and alliance
                    1280 steam engine
                    1300 ‘nother caravan
                    1340 railroad
                    1380 peace with fiji, 100 gold from allies
                    1400 Industrialization, supermarket, chem. from luxes, 200 gold from allies
                    1420 steel
                    1440 Darwin’s, corporation,
                    1480 refining
                    1550 automobile
                    1580 mass production
                    1590 factory
                    1610 Electronix
                    1620 250 gold from allies
                    1630 Superhighways
                    1640 conscription
                    1660 Chivalry
                    1680 leadership
                    1710 tactics, 500 gold from allies
                    1730 machine tools
                    1750 miniaturization. Oops ive built four freights without logging them. Oh well
                    1754 computers
                    1758 offshore platform, flight
                    1760 mobile war from seychellians, genetics from jamaicans, 450 gold
                    1762 research lab
                    1764 radio
                    1766 freight
                    1768 Advanced flight
                    1770 freight
                    1772 rocketry
                    1774 freight
                    1776 space flight
                    1778 freight
                    1780 robotix
                    1784 plastix, Apollo Program
                    1792 Atomix
                    1794 Fission from seyches
                    1796 manufacturing plant
                    1798 nuclear power, engineers
                    1802 Fission
                    1804 nuclear plant
                    1806 Laser,
                    1808 structure
                    1810 Superconducter
                    1812 structure
                    1814 Fusion
                    1816 structure
                    1820 Recycling, structure
                    1824 structure
                    1828 engineers
                    1832 structure
                    1836 structure
                    1838 structure
                    1844 structure
                    1848 structure
                    1854 module
                    1856 module The seychellions sneak attack!
                    1858 I die. Lucky me.


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                      A newbie to occ, this is my 3rd try after occ8 (AC2002), occ9 (AC1868) and I've yet to finish occ10 currently researching automobile at ad1380 - improving all the time it seems but very humbled in present company . I'm now adhering very closely to the Gospel according to St Paul coming to grips with the need to really fine-tune the TLS gears, the diplomacy cash-cow, WLTxDs, rushbuying etc.

                      One question I have concerns the details of pollution management at the transition between the end of the mid-game and the space-race. From logs so far it seems implicit that one just puts up with the risk of polluted squares (cleaning up when neccessary) rather than ensure pollution-freedom through building mass-transits etc as 80+ shields almost guarantees polluted squares every turn.

                      BTW how topical the Fijian scenerio is now - already Ratu Mara is no longer leader - you might have a new leader, by George (with the help of a gun - did I see the proclamation "the Fijian government has been overthrown", "The Fijians have dumped Democracy for Despotism :rolleyes). I have a hostile peace with them (they've just got Leos ) - just as well they seem to have their hands full with barbarian invasion (May Pen is in barbarian hands) and they're some distance away. Lucky to have the other 3 nations sharing the Euro-Asian landmass as my enthusiastic allies and cash-cows.

                      It's great to relearn civII via occ. Thanks OCCers (aka Ockers the Aussie lingo for 'hombres' )

                      Your worshipful convert and addict,


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                        Pollution is managed by not building the factory until all improving is finished.2 engineers are used to cleanup for the rest of the game.You can only get 1 pollution per turn and 2 engineers can cleanup immediately
                        The only thing that matters to me in a MP game is getting a good ally.Nothing else is as important.......Xin Yu


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                          Exactly as Smash says, he just beat me to it!?!??! you'll need to make sure all city squares are at the very least roaded!!! otherwise, you'll never getthe pollution under control!! but they should be covered in roads anyway!!

                          Everybody, I'd like to say sorry to all of you that got your arses whipped by the AI!!!! Just you guys wait for my next scenario, Ha ha ha!!! ha ha ahahahahahha?!!? only joking, but it won't be until occ12, overseas for occ11 )
                          "There are not more than 5 musical notes..." - Sun Tzu
                          ...and we build an Academy for this guy... :confused:


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                            If you live in England, isn't everything "overseas" ?
                            The only way to stop a terrorist, is with a bullet.


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                              yeah everything is overseas pretty much!!! only going to Gran Canaria for a fortnight with the other half!!! plenty of time sitting on beaches thinking up really crafty scenario ideas!!!?!?!?!
                              "There are not more than 5 musical notes..." - Sun Tzu
                              ...and we build an Academy for this guy... :confused:


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                                Wow, 4 people got killed already. That's more than in any of the other fortnight games. I guess that's because the AI civs are closer than usual. I updated the table.