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Early Landing setup...very sweet

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  • Early Landing setup...very sweet

    This is an actual island that I "tweeked" alittle ..well alot.It truely is a civer's dream come true.
    lets see how early you can land this paradise

    deity/hoardes/7 civs/standard rules(restarts on)
    2 cities
    2 nons(archer,chariot)
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    The only thing that matters to me in a MP game is getting a good ally.Nothing else is as important.......Xin Yu

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    Naive question : which version
    I've heard it was easier with a Mac and 2.42 than with MGE under W95
    Oh Man, when will you understand that your greatness lies in your failure - Goethe


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      game started in 2.42.PC compatible.

      MGE for mac is the same as for pc.Hostile ai blah blah.You can get barbs before turn 16 and very rarely they can sack your only city in the mac version of mge.

      You should be safe from hostile ai in this one...for awhile anyway.
      The only thing that matters to me in a MP game is getting a good ally.Nothing else is as important.......Xin Yu


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        Re: Early Landing setup...very sweet

        Originally posted by Smash
        lets see how early you can land this paradise
        I finish SG(2)'s large world first (hope to be able to launch today ).
        Aux bords mystérieux du monde occidental


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          ooh yes, that does look nice

          I haven't really finished any OCC or early landing game successfully so far, I suck at strategies like those, since I'm playing in a way that promises most fun and interest for me, not high scores

          unless I play in MP that is


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            I don't think you can go for score and an early landing at the same time.At least I can't
            I like the "occ with helper cites" plan and you don't score that well using that.Unless you launch a slow spaceship and do some "artificial" score building while it travels to AC.

            I am blazing along in this one.I got a bunch of advancers early,which seems somehow unfair.I am using early Marco's and my goal is to have the 6 ais researching 6 different techs I don't have.We'll see how that endeavor pans out.
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            The only thing that matters to me in a MP game is getting a good ally.Nothing else is as important.......Xin Yu


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              I'm rather talking about success in general than score as such...


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                Downloaded 17 times!

                18 now...



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                  I can't play Civ III for a month or two until I buy a new computer
                  So thanks for the entertainment in the mean time
                  Old posters never die.
                  They j.u.s.t..f..a..d..e...a...w...a...y....


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                    I have progressed to 500ad.I just traded for Feudalism on the road to Computers.I think I should have no problem landing before 1000ad.I expect,maybe,a pre 500 landing by someone!?...
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                    The only thing that matters to me in a MP game is getting a good ally.Nothing else is as important.......Xin Yu


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                      Not by me, that's for sure!

                      I don't know where things went wrong... I'm in 880 AD, President with 9 or 10 cities (Delhi is size 21 only) and have 3 turn discoveries...

                      Went for Marco's first and did well in trading techs with the AI. Also got all the maps and started trading with caravans fairly early (but see remark below)...

                      Some things are obvious:

                      i) I missed out on Colossus: when I built one of the 300 shield wonders, an AI switched to Colossus and built it the next turn. That was very careless of me, I could have avoided it easily

                      ii) I spent three turns in anarchy when I switched to Republic (didn't know when to switch)

                      iii) I built too few coastal cities, didn't have enough ships for a perfect ship chain early on -> trading took more turns than it should have

                      I traded with the Germans at first. I have just reorganised the ship chain to reach the Chinese and the Aztecs (they have bigger cities).

                      Carolus [who will give this one a new try when the first one is over and done with]


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                        the eagle has landed

                        Arrival A/C 815 AD.15-3-3-1-1-1+Fusion.
                        Didn't have enough cities or time for anything faster.Hard to imagine too many turns could be saved but I will revise my estimate to between 600-700ad is possible.Perhaps sooner.
                        I did not explore the whole board for huts.There just wasn't time.But more tech from huts is possible.I got a lot of advancers and units but not so many techs.An agressive early explorer could knock some turns off.Maybe a few more with careful beaker and Marco's management.
                        I did pretty well with Marco's but not "fantastic".I went overboard I guess and killed the ai rates a little too much.It was good early but kinda dryed up after 1AD.The lot of them only researched 2 or 3 techs "on their own" after 1AD.

                        I was capable of 2 techs per turn(with freight) since at least 500ad iirc.Still capable now..or was..haven't done science for awhile to raise gold for fake score building -bored
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                        The only thing that matters to me in a MP game is getting a good ally.Nothing else is as important.......Xin Yu


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                          Another eagle has landed!

                          But eons after Smash...

                          Launched a 15-3-3-1-1-1 ship without fusion in 1610 AD, estimated arrival 1631 AD...

                          Huts? I only popped the ones at home...

                          New try coming up!



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                            My Lord Smash,

                            Thanks for sharing this great map. What great fun!!! Until, that is, you posted 1ad.sav.

                            I hang my head in shame and lift up my eyes in awe at your great skill and knowledge. ( Realizing I know nothing about early Republic). I would be forever grateful if you could enlighten me as to how to get these results:

                            1) 23 in SSC
                            2) all those improvements in SSC
                            3) all those Wonders

                            What is the method by which all three are achieved?? When did you switch to Republic?? Did you deliver and buy WOW's rather than using camels directly for building WOW?? My mind is combusting with questions and ideas......

                            Probably too much to expect you to post multiple saves but that would be really cool. Also, what is the philosopy behind not growing the supporter cities, too?? Eager to learn.
                            so long and thanks for all the fish


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                              well you just made the X-mas card list

                              23 in SSC-Shake's Theatre is the main reason.We love days in Republic and thats it.
                              I rush buy everything in SSC.
                              Wonders are built with caravans.Each turn since Trade I incrementally rush caravans in almost every city.It takes at most, 5 or 6 turns for a camel when producing 5 sheilds.They pile up pretty quick.
                              In 1ad I have just begun the overseas trading process.I don't have that many routes.I traded between SSC and Cap early but all other camels went for wonders.I want to get that out of the way ASAP so I can dedicate resources to science.
                              I can't remember when I switched to Republic.925,825 or 725 bc.Around there.Right after Mich's.
                              I got 3 or 4 advancers and a nomad iirc.That goes along way.Its fast to slap down cities with all the rivers.The Advancers are always one square out,but each one saves oodles of turns.Thats why I said it seemed unfair.Too much luck....although results can be manipulated somewhat.
                              Marcos was very good for early techs.At 1ad i have 34 techs.I gaurantee I did not research them all.Just the white ones.

                              I build up cities 1 or 2 at a time.Most important is SSC.Then capitol(if different city) or another site with high trade potential.All other cities have to manage as best they can building cargo until their turn to build up comes...if it does at all.My goal is to deliver as many camels,trucks as possible.Smaller cities are easy to keep content without alot of infastructure.A city needs infastructure to maintain a large content citizenry.At this point,there is not enough gold to buy all the buildings carte blanche....yet.Almost all of my cities will get a market and maybe temple.Markets will be built as soon as no more commodities are available in that city.By then I should have gold to help finish them.

                              so..the SSC does the bulk of the research.The cap or high trade city gives it good routes and a fair amount of science.Everything else provides the caravans and settlers needed to do all the hard work.An eliteist society with many serfs

                              My order is something like this:
                              ssc-buy here first
                              cap/2nd trade city-buy here second
                              scroll thru and incrementally buy caravans
                              scroll thru and buy up markets with remaining funds

                              also because of the isolated island I can almost completely neglect defense.
                              The only thing that matters to me in a MP game is getting a good ally.Nothing else is as important.......Xin Yu