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What Was Your Most Massive Strike Force?

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    It seems that the AI has certain, limited attack algorithms, e.g. the ones you mentioned, Iīve noticed them before, too (bunch of diplos, a zillion cruise missiles on your ships, massive bombing). But Iīve never seen a really effective assault that would have stolen more than one (very rare: two) cities at one time from me, especially in the modern age when effective war-machinerey comes into play. Has anyone has had expirience with really dangerous AI-manouevers? (Iguess Iīll have to start playing MP).:-)


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      Do scenarios count?

      In a regular game: My largest was something like 10 transports filled to the brim with armor, howitzers, and a few marines for good measure. Two carriers and half a dozen submarines as well as two dozen battleships escorted this fleet. Then, from the land, I had something like 40 units coming in from another flank, armor and howies.
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        The AI really was improved between Civ and Civ II. It definitely has all sorts of problems still, but the changes are visible. The 2 most noticable changes to me are 1) The AI acutally switches to democracy now. In Civ I, I don't remember the AI _ever_ playing a democracy - and as one who incites a lot of revolts, that actually made a dent in my world conquest initially. 2) The AI no longer ignores small islands. This probably has something to do with the harbor/offshore platform improvements, but in Civ I, if i founded a city on an island with less than 5 land tiles, I could count on the AI rating it as less than worthless and not even bother to explore it. I never once defended an island city once i found that out and when I tried it in Civ II, that was one less city that I had next turn . I'm sure there are other changes that because of my style of play haven't manifested themselves. Again, granted the AI needs a lot of work, but there was at least something done to improve it when Civ II came out.

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          I have never played any scenarios except wwII and Rome, so I donīt know if the behaviour of the AI is different in Add-On-Scenarios, but, just tell me anything thatīs on your heart :-) .
          You really mean that the AI has sent about 80 mean attack units to you, and has made a two-front-attack. Impressive, never seen anything like this before.
          How was the settings? How big was the enemy civ that attacked you, which civ was it, what year, which version?

          I think I will have to try a game where I let some agressive civs get all big and give tech to them just to see if they really know how to use warfare advices properly.


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            Most massive strike force : 12 diplo's.
            Poisoning works really nice for heavily defended cities.