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  • Sabotage????????

    1. I just like to know if there is a way to order my Diplomat/Spy to sabotage an improvment. Or is it just random???

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    You cant order the diplo but you can order the spy to sabotage some selected improvement.


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      With the diplo, you can only instruct to commit industrial sabotage. You have no control over which improvement it attacks. Send in as many diplos as there are improvements, you'll end up destroying everything.

      With spies, you can select the improvement you wish to sabotage. But the spy can be caught before the sabotage is carried out. Sending in a veteran spy lessens the chance of it being caught.

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        One more thing: You can't get the SDIs unless it's the last improvement (and I don't even think then you can get it, I've never tested that)
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          Mao, in all honesty, you might as well planty a nuclear device if you're trying to bring down SDI. In my experience (I've only done that a couple times) it takes 3-5 spies to get a successful nuke planted. Also, a lot of the time city walls go down towards the end. The nagain, I've also seen them be the first thing to get destroyed.


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            It's random what gets destroyed isn't it? So you can try sabatoging, and if you don't get what you like destroyed, just reload

            ...but would be wrong...cheating! wrong...
            Who wants DVDs? Good prices! I swear!


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              oh.. Thank you guys.

              Espionage next!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHA


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                I don't know about it being totally random. Every time I've used diplo's, the city walls are the last thing to come down. Thats why Communism rocks - veteran spies are soooooo much better than diplos.
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