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  • Barbarian oddity?

    Ok this the 2nd time this has happened in a game to me.Alot of games I might add.

    Barb trireme unloads 3 chariots and a leader(wish my triremes could carry all that).

    2 die valiantly hurling themselves against pikeman.The other picks off a settler with just a sliver of red left.I mean a sliver.

    After the 2 die,the leader "stacks" with the sliver chariot.I was allready rolling in gold so I decide to eliminate the stack.

    The LEADER defends the stack of 2 and I get 150 gold.BONUS.

    Is this supposed to happen?
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    somewhere in the last 3 months of posts, there is a thread covering that - no idea where exactly basically the barbarian leader defends at .125 (not 0). The chariot is likely down to its last point in HP (probably also .125, maybe .100), so the AI determines that the diplomat, with full HP has a better chance of winning than the severely injured chariot and procedes accordingly with the diplomat defense

    edit: found one of the threads
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      Odd! Never seen it happen like that. I don't recall ever seeing Barb Chariots - almost every other kind of unit though. I have had two barb kings stack - you only receive 150.
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        Yeah, SG2, isn't that a bummer? Two for the price of one. Once, I recall, I waited and waited for 2 leaders to separate and they did. Boom! Boom!

        The Barb Leader must have some sort of defence capacity. When I first started playing this game, I chased a Leader along a road with a Phalanx, utilising the Phalanx's 3rd move to attack. The Leader won the battle. And it wasn't on Deity level. Probably, in those days, Prince level tops.

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          Never seen smashes situation.

          I do like two leader in a fortress.
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            Do you get to capture the two leaders in the fort sequentially? Reason I ask is I've only seen two leaders in a fort once or twice and what happened is that when my units approached they fled (went different ways happy to say). Anyway I read somewhere of the idea of building a remote fort at a likely barb hunting point so as to attract the barbs in and then be able to pick off the defending barb unit w/o killing off the leader. Thought that looked good but haven't found chance to try it yet. Then had one of the barb leaders run away from the fort cases and started to wonder whether the idea is worth the effort or not.
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              I haven't seen this happen, Smash. Very odd, though. So what is happening is that when a leader is killed/captured in a stack, no gold is given unless the leader's defensive strength is greater or equal to (in the case of another leader) than all other units in the stack, correct? Does this somewhat sum up the situation? What does the manual say about capturing barb leaders, anyway? Does it mention anything that might help out?

              I think the "barb killing ground" idea is credited to Ming. He has often brought this idea up in various threads and it works like a charm. I recently finished my quickest conquest game ever and I had one of these zones set up. It was beautiful.

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                This is a bit off-topic, but I wanted to put it down before I forgot (again).

                I've senn several posts in the past where people deliberately leave patches of territory unexplored because "barbs like it", and they believee it encourages barb production.

                From what I've seen, if there is a barb spawn-point at a particular spot, it will be used whether it's unexplored or not. It's been a while since I've played Civ II, but in TOT you see every move every barb makes in explored territory, whether you have units nearby or not. As a result, spawn points in explored territory become obvious quickly.

                Given that, is there any reason not to explore every corner of the world--especially if you're a barb hunter?
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                  Monk, my observations coincide with yours. Barb birthplaces often persist even after being explored.

                  On a couple occasions I've built a city in that area and that seems to have stopped them.

                  Even a unit placed too close may block them. In my first OCC game barb ships periodically appeared at a certain spot, and I was landlocked so wanted to bribe one. I sent my diplo to the adjacent square and they stopped appearing. Eventually I moved him a couple squares away and they resumed.

                  I think that if a spawning spot is kept clear, it can continue spawning long after being explored.


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                    In the ToT fantasy game, the events file generates many barbarians. That means each type of barb has ten possible squares to appear on. If many of these are in the sea, the barbs keep showing up in a few places over and over.

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                      Barb trireme unloads 3 chariots and a leader(wish my triremes could carry all that).

                      This is a bit nit-picky, but chariots don't come off of triremes. Only Archers, Legions, Knights, Crusaders, and Dragoons do.

                      I have often wondered what the stats of the barbarian leader was. My theory is: 0a, 1d, 0hp, 1fp.


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                        Agree with Campo. Build a city and you will rarely get more barbs spawning on land. Also agree with Monk, fog of war irrelevant.

                        The ships. If one is hanging around a remote coastline I think that building a city reasonably nearby causes the ship to off load. Just moving a diplo or other unit nearby don't.

                        Glad to know the killing ground idea is a winner. Will definitely give it a go. Ta Bohlen and more power to your elbow Ming.

                        Can't recall seeing barb chariots before. Not willing to conclude that this means they don't exist. Saw a barb tank and a barb warrior last week - both produced over the same period in a barb city - went back after game and in cheat mode got the city to produce a barb settler but couldn't persuade it to leave the city.

                        Not willing to be sure they can't board a ship either.


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                          I have yet to see smash's scenario. Probably because I try to get the leader and the gold.
                          I will send ANYONE after the leader. Even a depleted warrior with 1/3 movement seems to win.
                          If barbs are stacked in a fort, you can get them one at a time for 150 gold each.


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                            hmmm...I get barb chariots all the time.Well not all the time but enough.They did come on a boat also.Maybe my tech path is effecting this.

                            But that is why I posted in the first place.It seemed odd that a leader would defend a stack regardless of how injured the other unit was.It happened another time in one of the fortnight OCC games and I thought it might have been a glitch caused by the fact that the game was a scenario.

                            But the last time(2nd time) it was a normal game.Deity,hoardes,medium map blah blah.

                            I 've only seen it twice.

                            Part of my decision to take them out was they parked on a silk square that was roaded and I didn't want them to pillage.

                            maybe some other strange things-

                            I've had barb leaders pillage.Always when they were alone and "on the run".

                            I lost a warrior to a leader on hill with 1/3 strenght.The warrior attacked and lost.Not the other way round.That would be odd indeed.

                            I play this game like some people drink water but I still see the odd "new" thing that makes me wonder if my copy is working right.
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                              William, the barb leader has the same stats as the diplomat. If you bribe one you also get a diplomat.

                              Smash, the game picks the strongest unit as a defender based on defensive strength and remaining hitpoints, so I guess if a barb unit has a defense of 1 and only 1 hp left the leader can be designated as defender.