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    I once played on a huge player-generated map. It had an enormous land mass with an ocean surrounding it. More or less like Australia. In the middle of it was this landlocked AI empire, which had one city next to a tiny lake. In it was Maggelan. (Or the Lighthouse, don't remember).

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      One time I had a city on the peninsula of the AI's home continent. The AI lost diplomat after diplomat as it tried to us a land route to get to my city. A half dozen squares from my city the AI had a coastal city. Since I wasn't patrolling the ocean, that city could have built a boat, put a diplomat on that boat, sailed up to my city, and done what ever it wanted to do.

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        Actually, Hasdrubal, that doesn't sound that bad. Both of those wonders are civ-wide, so as long as it is built, all cities get the effect. And it prevents others from having use of that wonder.

        As for bone-head AI, I just can reiterate the attack stratagies everone else has been bringing up. I had a city on a peninsula of a large continent completely owned by the Zulu's. I put a fortress on a chokepoint, and put a couple vet musketeers in it, with a catapult and a horsie of some sort, and every turn it came under attack with every catapult, chariot, elephant and other unit they had. There was a narrow channel between their continent and mine and plenty of coastal cities for both of us, but the attack never varied. my attack units took out the catapults and such, while everything else beat itself senseless against the fortress

        Although I do have to give the designers a small bit of credit with the AI. In Civ I, the AI rated islands of 4 land squares or less as worthless. They wouldn't even look at them. So i would build cities on them never even consider building a defender. First time i tried that in Civ II, I lost my city
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          Yeah Hasdrubal... I just love finding an AI city that has one land locked ocean square next to it, and finding 5 ships in it
          You just have to love the AI strategy!
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            The funniest event I've seen to date was in a TOT fantasy game; I'll introduce it by saying there is a unit called a 'Sorcerer', a fairly high-powered unit that has a move of six and acts as a fighter (so attacking after three squares becomes a suicide run). I was in republic, and at war with the Infidels, who were in fanaticism.

            I had just captured a coastal Infidel city; It was lightly defended after capture, but I wasn't worried because the nearest Infidel city was the magic three squares away, and the AI dosen't deliberately kamakazie...

            So imagine my surprise when a sorcerer comes right at me, makes a turn, and finishes its sixth move in an apparently empty square just outside my city radius. Then a second. Then a third... Six sorcerers paraded past my city this way!

            I "knew" from past exploration that the square was empty, but something was clearly up. I checked my city, noticed I still had the ship my force came in on, and a skald (dip). I put the skald in the ship and sent it to the "empty" square, and found a size four city. I decided to bribe--and the price was right.

            In addition to the six sorcerers, I found an additional five, several units of cavalry, a couple elephants, two settlers, and another skald. Since I was in republic, I knew most of them would be lost the next turn, so I sent most of the sorcerers on Kamakzie runs against everything within five ssquares. The Infidels lost another fifteen units that way...

            I was in hysterics the whole time...
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              I lost out to the English building Ike's College. (There was no warning, I had cash in case- I think they switched from another Wonder at the very last second)

              When I captured the city, it was earning 2 science. There was no library. There were no trade specials, almost no roads, and it was not on the coast. 100 turns later it is still an average science city. It did help them by keeping it away from me, but puh-lease.

              Smartest thing I ever saw the AI do. (I think) Attack my city with a (sacrificial) fighter first, to use-up my fighter scramble, and then follow with two bombers.
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                Originally posted by geofelt on 06-13-2000 03:00 PM
                I once laid siege to an AI city with a republic government. I covered every shield producing square with a unit, depriving the city with the ability to support it's garrison, save one. One sieger was a vet alpine in a fort on a mountain. The ai surprised me, and bribed this unit. The real surprise was that supporting this new unit caused the only defender to disband, allowing me to walk in to an undefended city!