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Fast vs. Slow moves

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  • Fast vs. Slow moves

    This may be a ridiculous topic, but I just thought i'd like to know what other civ players think about the fast or slow option..

    Do you use fast moves or slow moves? Does anyone think that seeing their opponent move adds enjoyment to the game?

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    I guess you mean fast slide or whatever its called.I don't use it personally but I know many that do.I accidently moved to wrong square several times until I got used to it.Probably a personal preference thing.

    Not sure what you mean.If I could see all opponents moves and they not see mine I would most definetly like it
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      It is especially handy late in the game when watching all turns proceed in their entirety can make a half hour turn last two hours instead!


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        I use the fast pace slide. I just can't stand the other way.
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          I think I used the slow piece slide until about halfway through my very first civ2 game. Way too slow, and I was on a p133. And I definately don't use the mouse for movements. I've become quite handy at using my number pad to move howitzers along my railroads to my enemies destruction.